Unity/Unity Sounds discography

This discography is very much a work in progress.

Unity Sounds and the Unity label were off shoots of Unity Hifi, the sound system from North London that was started by former Fatman Sound selector Robert “Ribs” Fearon in 1982.

There were quite a few mislabelled and/or mistitled releases on Unity Sounds and Unity labels, hopefully this discography will help to make sense of them. Due to the central role of Ribs to the Unity set up I’ve attempted to list his productions for other  labels but this is very much a work in progress. If you can help with labels scans, sound samples or corrections please get in touch.

Where there is a question in a […] with this font then it’s something I need to clarify, again if you can help please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

UN 001-A Demon Rockers – Iron Lady/Version
UN 001-B Demon Rockers – Stick Together
Producer: Ribs. On the Stalag and Taxi rhythms respectively.

UN 002-A Errol Bellot – Wicked And Wild/Version
UN 002-1 Errol Bellot – Take Warning/Version
Producer: Ribs

UN 003-1 Johnny Osbourne – The Original Rewind
UN 003-2 Leroy Smart – Back Off
Producer: Prince Jammy
Original Rewind is on Cuss Cuss. Johnny Osbourne cut this tune twice for Jammy’s this cut and a cut just called Rewind on a different rhythm that was released on a Jammy’s 7″ (Ja) a Witty 12″ (USA) and a Greensleeves 12″ (UK). Back Off is on the Sleng Teng rhythm

UN 004-A Leroy Smart – We Rule/Version
UN004-B Leroy Smart – She No Love Him/Version
Producer: King Jammy’s. She No Love Him is on the Rockfort Rock rhythm.

UN 05-A Chicken Chest – Negative Conquer Positive/Version
UN 05-AA D.C. Ninjan – Don’t Bax Your Lady/Version
A: Produced by Jammy’s.  B: Produced by Ribs. The matrix numbers for this release are FEA05-A/AA. This release should have actually had the catalogue number  FEA05-A/AA as it was part of the FEA run (see below).

UN005-A Sugar Minott – All Kind Of People
UN005 Version
Carlton Patterson production. [can anyone confirm the exact catalogue number of the flip side and if it is definitely the version.]

UN 006-1 J. Osborne – Put It By Number One/Version
UN 006-2 General Trees – You Too Good/Version
Producer: Jammy’s
Put It By Number One AKA Budy Bye is on the Sleng Teng rhythm. You Too Good is on Stalag.

UN 007-1 Junior Delgado – Run Come
UN 007-2 Junior Delgado – Highty Tighty
Producer: Jammy’s

UN 008
[Untraced – not issued?]

UN 009-1 Nitty Gritty – Sweet Reggae Music/Version
UN 009-2 Errol Ballot (actually Bellot) – Natural Touch/Version
1. Producer: Jammy’s. 2. Producer: Ribs. Matrix UN-008-A1/UN-008-B1. Natural Touch is on the Never Let Go/Answer rhythm.

UN 010-A Dennis Brown – The Exit
UN 010-B Version
Producer: Prince Jammy

UN 011-A Don Angelo – Reggae Music We Want
UN 011-AA Don Angelo – Petty Robber
AA side is actually called Kick Up Rumpus and is on the Things That Come Up To Bump rhythm. Producer: Prince Jammy

UN 011-A Mickey Merican (actually Mikey Murka) – Control The Dance Hall/Version
UN 011-B Mickey Merican (actually Mikey Murka) – Automatic/Version
Producer: Ruddy & Red Eye

UN 012A Little John – Clarks Booty/Version
UN 012B Tonto Irie – Have To Girlie Girlie/Version
Producer: Prince Jammy
Both tunes on the No Warrior rhythm

UN 013-A Mr Lee – This Girl Is My Lover
UN 013-B Mr Lee – Miss Mavis
Producer: Prince Jammy
Both sides by Robert Lee. This Girl Is My Lover is on the Happy Times rhythm

UN 014-A Super Black – Bubbling Time/Version
UN 014-B Super Black – Take Life Easy/Version
Producer: Prince Jammy

UN 015-A Al Campbell – Can’t Hold We
UN 015 General Trees – Watergone
Producer: Prince Jammy
[does anyone know the exact catalogue number for the General Trees side? Do both sides have the versions?]

UN 016-A Super Black – Love Sick/Version
UN 016-AA General Trees – Boom Shack-A-Tak
Producer: Prince Jammy
Love Sick is on the Happy Times rhythm. Boom Shack Attack is on the Heavy Rock rhythm.

UN 017-A Antony Johnson – Dance Hall Vibes/Version
UN 017-B Tonto Irie – Wrap Up Mixup
Producer: Prince Jammy

UN 018-A Kenny Knots – Watch How The People Dancing/Version
UN 018-B Errol Bellut (actually Bellot) – A Whe Do She/Version
Producer: Ruddy Ranks. A Whe Do She is on the Mean Girl/I Need A Roof rhythm.

UN 019-A Wayne Smith – My Sweet Love
UN 019-B Tonto Irie – Murder Commit
Producer: Prince Jammy
Murder Commit is on the Every Tongue Shall Tell rhythm.

UN 020-A Echo Minott – What The Hell/Version
UN 020-B King Kong – Don’t Touch My Boops/Admiral Bailey & Chacka Demus – One Scotch
Producer: Prince Jammy. The B side label was blank on some copies.

UN 021-A Jack Wilson & Demon Rocker – Chuck It/Version
UN 021-AA Flinty Ranks – Get Up And Gwaan Go Dance/Version
Producer: Rudy Ranks And Red Eye. The B side has blank label. The matrix on the B side is UN 02?-AA (the third number has been scored out and is illegible).

UN 021-A – Johnny Osbourne – Show Me Your Sign
UN 021 – Johnny Osbourne – A Six For A Nine
Producer: Paul Chue.
[Are both tunes followed by the versions? What is the exact catalogue number of the B side?]

UN 022-A Kenny Knots – Ring Up My Number/Version
UN 022-AA Mickey Murka – We Try/Version
Producer: Ruddy Ranks

UN 023-A Peter Bouncer – Ready For The Dance Hall Tonight/Version
UN 023-AA Peter Bouncer – Don’t Test/Version
Producer: Ruddy Ranks. Ready For The Dance Hall Tonight is on the same rhythm as Get Up And Go A Dance (UN024-B)

UN 024 Mickey Merican (actually Mikey Murka) – Control The Dance Hall
UN 024AA Mickey Murica (actually Mikey Murka) – Automatic
A. Producer: Ruddy And Redeye. B. Producer: Ribs. See also UN011.
[I’m not sure if this is identical to UN011 or not – can anyone confirm if there is a release with Control The Dancehall with UN024 catalogue number?]

UN 024A Mikey Murica (actually Mikey Murka) – Ride The Rythmn/Version
UN 024B Mikey Murica (actually Mikey Murka) – Get Up And Go A Dance
Producer: Ruddy Ranks. Some copies of this had the UN014-A label on the B side.
[would like to positively confirm the title, the label says Get Up A Go Dance but this may actually be called  Go Anywhere. Need to compare against UN021-AA]

UN 025-A Carlton Dread – Chatty Mouth/Version
UN 011-B Flinty Ranks – Gunman Style/Version
A. Producer: Ribs
B. Producer: Ruddy And Red Eye
Note the different catalogue on the B side, the label design is slightly different too.

UN 026-A Richie “Nicotine” Davis – Sensi Boom
UN 026-1 Richie “Nicotine” Davis – Talk About We
Producer: Ribs. There was a second issue where the “A” and “1” sides were reversed. Sensi Boom is on the Baba Boom rhythm.

UN 027-1 Kenny Knots – Full Control/Version
UN 027-2 Kenny Knots – Stop Playing Around/Version
Producer: Ribs. There was a second issue where Stop Playing Around was the -A side and Full Control the -B. This had slightly different labels too.

UN 028-A Selah Collins – Give Me Your Loving/Version
UN 028-B Selah Collins – Pick A Sound/Version
Producer: Ribs
The A side is incorrectly titled, it is actually called Juggler.  Juggler is on the same rhythm as England We Deh. Matrixes are UN0026-A1/UN-026-AA1

UN 029-A Mickey Merican – Ride The Rhythm/Version
UN 029-B Mickey Merican – Go Anywhere/Version
Producer: Ribs

Unity FEA series

FEA 01-A Joseph Cotton – Carry Me Go Married
FEA 01-B Joseph Cotton – Divorce
Producer: Ribs. 1988

FEA 02-A Richie Davis – England We Deh/Version
FEA 02-B Richie Davis – Lean Boot/Version
Producer: Ribs. England We Deh is on the same rhythm as Juggler (UN028A).

FEA 03-A Errol Bellot – What a Wonderful Feeling/Version
FEA 03-AA Selah Collins – Soso So/Version
Produced: Ribs

FEA 04-A Richie Davis – Flash Backs
FEA 04 Version
Produced: Ribs
[does anyone know the exact catalogue number of the version side?]

FEA 05
There was no proper FEA05 release as the intended release was incorrectly assigned the UN05 catalogue number (see above).

FEA 06-A Selah Collins – On And On
FEA 06-B Version
Producer: Ribs

FEA 07-A Demon Rocka – Hard Drugs/Version
FEA 07-1 Demon Rocka – Ugly Gal/Version
Produced by Ribs. Matrix is FEA 09-A/FEA 09-B

FEA 007-A Johnnoy P – Rude Boy
FEA 007-AA Richie Davies – Talk About We/Version
Producer: Ribs. The A side should of course read Johnny P the this is actually Richie Davies – Good Bye(!)

FEA 08 Selah Collins & Errol Bellot – Nah Go Give You
FEA 08 Vincent Taylor & The Major – Equal Rights
does anyone know the exact catalogue numbers do both sides have the versions?]

FEA 08 Flinty Badman – Pretty Gal / Version
FEA 08 Version
Wrong credit – “version” side actually plays Home T4 – Rockers Don’t Move You / Version
[can anyone confirm the catalogue numbers for this release?]

FEA 09-A Demon Rocka – Ugly Gal
FEA 09-B Version
Producer: Ribs

FEA 010
[not released? Can anyone confirm?]

FEA 011-A Thriller U – Baby I Love You/Version
FEA 011-AA Thriller U – Thinks It’s Love/Vesion
Producer: Bobby Digital

FEA 012-A Thriller U & Johnny P – Real Real
FEA 012-AA Johnny Osbourne – Rude Boy Shank
Producer: Bobby Digital
[The A side may be with Shabba Ranks not Johnny P – can anyone confirm?]

FEA 013-A Lloyd Brown – Music Medley
FEA 013 Lloyd Brown – My Number
Producer Ribs. Backed by The Unity Players
[Can anyone confirm the exact catalogue numbers and if both tracks are followed by their versions?]

FEA 014-A Demon Rocka & Richie Davis – Sugar My Coffee
FEA 014-AA Flinty Badman – Sweet baby
Arr. & Prod. by Ribs
Backed by The Unity Players

FEA 015-A Anthony Malvo – Can’t Control The Feeling
FEA 015-AA Anthony Malvo – History Sound
[Can anyone confirm if both tracks are followed by their versions?]

FEA 016-A Robert Lee & Bunny General – Midnight Hour
FEA 016-AA Pad Anthony – Bigger Boss
Producer: Prince Jammy

FEA 017 Kenny Knots – Mr Chattabox
FEA 017 Flinty Badman & Richie Davis – My Lover Gone
[Can anyone confirm the exact catalogue numbers and if both tracks are followed by their versions?]

FEA 018-A Frighty – Every Thing Reminds Me Of You/Version
FEA 018-AA Charjan & Frighty – God Send You Come/Version
Producer: Ribs

FEA 019-A Vincent Taylor – Baby I Love Your Way
FEA 019-AA Selah Collins – Love Is Falling
Producer: Ribs

FEA 020-A Demon Rocka – Bad Boy No Ramp/Version
FEA 020-AA  Kuff Mix Version
Producer: Ribs

FEA 021-A Joseph Cotton – Corner Shop/Version
FEA 021-AA Version
Producer: Ribs

FEA 022-A Lloyd Brown – The Love In Me/Version
FEA 022-B Lloyd Brown – If You’re Lonely/Version
Producer: Ribs

FEA 023-A Richie Davis – Memories Of You/Version
FEA 023-B Richie Davis – I Will Be Missing You/Version
Producer: Ribs

FEA 024-A D.C. Ninja – She Lovely
FEA 024-B D.C. Ninja – Don’t Bax Your Lady
Prodcer: Ribs. Don’t Bax Your Lady was also issued on UN 05B

FEA 025 Danny Virgo – Let’s Build A Dream
FEA 025 Richie Davis – Love Songs
Produced by Ribs
[Can anyone confirm the exact catalogue numbers and if the versions follow?]

FEA 026-A Richie Davis – All Day/Version
FEA 026-AA Crucial Robbie – Sing Your Own Song/Version
Produced by Ribs

FEA 027-A Richie Davis – Mystery Girl/Version
FEA 027-B Version
Produced by Ribs. The B side is an unrelated rhythm [Can anyone identify the rhythm track?]

FEA 028-A Nigger Willie – New Dance Time/Version
FEA 028-B Badman – Scandal Time
Producer: Ribs

FEA 029-A Coloman – Yard Invention
FEA 029-B Little Clarkie & Metro – Band of Gold
Producer: Ribs

FEA 030-A Richie Davis – My Special Lady/Version
FEA 030-B Version
Producer: Ribs. FEA030-B plays a different rhythm version, it sounds like a speeded up Sleng Teng.

FEA 031
[not released? Can anyone confirm?]

FEA 032-A Carlton Newman – Ready For Love/Version
FEA 032 Johnny Ranks – 11 3/8/Version
Producer: Ribs

American issues
UNDIS 001-A Gregory Isaacs – No Good Girl
UNDIS 001-B Version
[can anyone confirm that the B side plays the version?]

UNDIS 002-A Lt. Stitchie – Obeah Working/Version
UNDIS 002-AA Junior Delgado – Baby Be True/Version
Producer: Prince Jammy

UNDIS 003A Al Campbell – Hold Your Corner
UNDIS 003B Al Campbell – Ten To One
Producer: Prince Jammy

CF Label
The CF label was run by Robert “Ribs” Fearon.

CFD 001-A  Class – The Winner
CFD 001 Class – The Way That I Do
Producer: Ribs
[Is the B side artist correct?]

CFD 002-1 Byron Otis – Loving Thoughts
CFD 002-2 Byron Otis – Crisis
[The B side credit and cat. number are not confirmed.]

CFD 003-1 U Brown – Talk To Me Proper
CFD 004-2 Roy Rankin – Dance Hall Scrounger
Producer: Ribs. Note the B side catalogue number.

CFD 005-1 – Johnny Osbourne – Water Pumping
CDF 003-2 – Wayne Smith – Music On My Mind
Producer: Jammys. Note the B side catalogue number.

CFD 006-1  Papa Charjan – DJ Pumping
CFD 006-2  Courtney Barkley – I Am Alright
Producer: 1-  Ribs & Charjan 2-Ribs

CFD 007-1 Mighty Rudo – Waterhouse
CFD 007 Version
Producer: Jammys

CF 008-1 George Nooks – Fret Not Yourself/Version
CF 008  – Pala Tullo – Ride The Rhythm/Version
Producer: U Brown. Pala Tullo should of course be Papa Tullo. 1984

CFD 009

CFD 010-1 Eccleton Jarrett – Greedy Girl/Version
CFD 010-2 Eccleton Jarrett – Fling It Up/Version
Producer: Jammy’s. Greedy Girl is on the same rhythm as Waterhouse (CFM007).

CFD 011-A Puddy Roots – Went Down Town
CFD 011-AA Anthony Johnson – More Love


CFD 012-A – Devon Edwards – Lay Down Flat
CFD 012 – Jah Rubal – Burst Shot
Producer: Bunny Lee

CMF 01-A Peter Bouncer – Sad Sweet Dreamer / Version
CMF 01-B Peter Bouncer – Give Me Sensi / Version
Producer: Ribs

CMF 02-A Robert Emmanuel – Fashion Dread/Version
CMF 02-AA Robert Emmanuel – No Beggy Beggy/Version
Producer: Ribs

CMF 03

CMF 04-A Selah Collins – Give Me Your Loving/Version
CMF 04-AA Selah Collins – Reggae In The Dance/Version

Fu-Manchu Label
Label owned by Paul Chue

FU 001-A Trevor Hartley – It Must Be Love
FU 001 Version

Live Wire Label
There seems to have been only one release on this label

LW 01-A Richie Davies – I Just Can’t Stand It/Version
LW 01-AA Richie Davies – Weh Dem A Do/Version
Producer: Ribs

7″ singles on Unity label

Unity 001-A Richie Davies – Lean Boot
Unity 001-B Version
Producer: Ribs

7″ singles on the Ruddy & Redeye label

RR001-A  Selah Collins – Picka Sound (Dubplate mix)
RR001-B Egyptian Rock (Dubplate Mix)
Clear vinyl

RR002-A Selah Collins – Try Try (Dubplate mix)
RR002-B Progressive Riddim (Dubplate Mix)

RR003-A Mikey Murka – Ride The Riddim (Dubplate mix)
RR003-B Rude Rock (Dubplate Mix)
Coloured vinyl

RR004-A Errol Bellot – What A Wonderful Feeling (Dubplate mix)
RR004-B Tempo Feeling
Coloured vinyl

RR005-A Kenny Knotts – Run Come Call Me (Dubplate mix)
RR005-B Call Me (Dubplate Mix)
Coloured vinyl

RR006-A Wayne Marshall – Gunshot (Dubplate mix)
RR006-B Gunshot Riddim (Dubplate Mix)
Coloured vinyl

7″ singles on the Tuff Scout label

TUFF142(A) Class – The Winner
Released 2013

12″ singles on By Honest Jons label

Kenny Knots – Watch How The People Dancing/Version/Dubplate
Mikey Murka – We Try/Version
Released in 2002 as a promo for the Watch How The People Dancing LP

12″ singles on Unity label (By Honest Jons)

HJU 1 Errol Bellot – What A Wonderful Feeling
Selah Collins – Pick A Sound/Version
Released March 2010

HJU 2 Richie Davis – Lean Boot /version
Mikey Murka – Ride The Rhythm /version
Released March 2010

HJU 3 Mikey Murka – We Try/Version
Kenny Knots – Watch How The People Dancing/Version/Dubplate
Released March 2010

Special thanks to Robert Fearon and John Eden.

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