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Rub A Dub Style: The Roots Of Modern Dancehall by Beth Lesser « DanceCrasher
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    Rub A Dub Style: The Roots Of Modern Dancehall by Beth Lesser

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    Chapter 1 (Part 1): The Early Days
    Chapter 1 (Part 2): The Early Days
    Chapter 2: Politics in the Dance
    Chapter 3: Sounds of the late ‘70s
    Chapter 4: The Studio One Revival
    Chapter 5: Channel One Studio
    Chapter 6: Jah Life comes to Jamaica
    Chapter 7: Barrington Levy & Jah Thomas
    Chapter 8: The Roots Radics
    Chapter 9: Scientist & the Greensleeves Dub Albums
    Chapter 10: Slackness
    Chapter 11: General Echo & Stereophonic
    Chapter 12: Gemini Disco with Welton Irie, Ringo & Squiddley Ranking
    Chapter 13: Lone Ranger & the Eastern Kingston Artists
    Chapter 14: Brigadier Jerry & Jah Love International
    Chapter 15: Yellowman
    Chapter 16: The Dancehall Explosion
    Chapter 17: Junjo Lawes & Volcano
    Chapter 18: New York City in the ‘80s
    Chapter 19: Frankie Paul
    Chapter 20: How Cassettes Spread Dancehall
    Chapter 21: The Sing-jay Style
    Chapter 22: U-Roy’s King Stur-Gav Sound with Josie Wales and Charlie Chaplin
    Chapter 23: George Phang
    Chapter 24: Dubplates and Specials
    Chapter 25: Jamaican Radio in the ‘80s
    Chapter 26: Sonic Sound Records & the Local Market
    Chapter 27: Kilimanjaro with Early B & Supercat
    Chapter 28: Winston Riley & the Techniques Label
    Chapter 29: Sugar Minott’s Youth Promotion Sound
    Chapter 30: The Business Side of Dancehall
    Chapter 31: Lick-over Rhythms
    Chapter 32: Metromedia Sound with Peter Metro
    Chapter 33: Arrows the Ambassador
    Chapter 34: The Ladies
    Chapter 35: Black Star International
    Chapter 36: King Jammy & Sleng Teng
    Chapter 37: Drum Machines & Preprogrammed Instruments
    Chapter 38: The Digital Dynamic Duo – Steely and Clevie
    Chapter 39: The Local Style
    Chapter 40: Black Scorpio Sound with General Trees
    Chapter 41: Raggamuffin Year
    Chapter 42: King Stur-Mars
    Chapter 43: Foreign Mind
    Chapter 44: Stone Love & the Noise Act
    Chapter 45: Old Time Something Come Back Again

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