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      Peckings label 7″ discography

      The Peckings label is owned by Chris and Duke Peckings it originated out of the Peckings Record Shop on Askew Road, Shepherds Bush, West London started by their father Daddy Peckings (George Price). The first single was released in 2005 and followed the success of their Bitty McLean LP “On Bond Street” released the previous year.

      ArtistTitleYearRhythmListenLabel ScanNotes
      PS0001-ABitty McLeanBrother ManFree SoulInvalid shortcode
      PS0001-BBitty McLeanSound Boy KillerHeptones Gonna FightInvalid shortcode
      PS0002-APeter HunnigaleMary Jane2007Hurting MeInvalid shortcode
      PS0002-BPeter HunnigaleOvercome2007Homeward BoundInvalid shortcode
      PTI001-ABitty McLeanWalk Away from Love2005RocksteadyInvalid shortcodeThere was a second pressing of this release with the same labels but a different version on the B side.
      PTI001-BSupersonicsWalk Away from Love VersionRocksteadyInvalid shortcodeThe version on the 2nd press:
      PTI002-ABitty McLeanA CruisingLonely StreetInvalid shortcode
      PTI002-AABitty McLeanBaby TonightThose GuysInvalid shortcode
      PTI003-AJanet Lee DavisI Don't Want To KnowLove Is Not A GambleInvalid shortcode
      PTI003-BJanet & the SupersonicsSir Duke SpecialLove Is Not A GambleInvalid shortcode
      PTI004-ABitty McLeanI'm In Love With A GirlI Shall Wear The CrownInvalid shortcode
      PTI004-AABitty McLeanOnly YouI Shall Wear The CrownInvalid shortcode
      PTI005-ALady LexGod Bless The ChildMy GirlInvalid shortcodePaired with Richie Davis - It's True
      PTI005-ABitty McLeanNever Let Me GoInvalid shortcodePaired with Jericho Horn
      PTI005-AAJericho Horn SectionFully LoadedInvalid shortcodePaired with Bitty McLean - Never Let Me Go
      PTI005-BRichie DavisIt's TrueMy GirlInvalid shortcodePaired with Lady Lex - God Bless The Child
      PTI006-APeter HunnigaleGood Old LoveMy GirlInvalid shortcode
      PTI006-BRas CharmerLove Is StrongerMy GirlInvalid shortcode
      PTI007-ALeroy MafiaSettle DownMy GirlInvalid shortcode
      PTI007-BTippa IrieWarMy GirlInvalid shortcode
      PTI008-ALukie DGoing AwayMy GirlInvalid shortcode
      PTI008-BJoseph CottonLoving You WantMy GirlInvalid shortcode
      PTI009-AAmbelique If It Feels2006My GirlInvalid shortcode
      PTI009-BKushiJah Is There2006My GirlInvalid shortcode
      PTI010-AKelly MakedaShake It OffThoseGuysInvalid shortcode
      PTI010-BKelly MakedaShake It off (Dancehall Mix)Those GuysInvalid shortcode
      PTI011-APeter HunnigaleIn The GhettoI Can't Stand ItInvalid shortcode
      PTI011-BJah MittoSharper Than BarbwireI Can't Stand ItInvalid shortcodeJah Mitto is Bitty McLean on the organ
      PTI012-ANatijahCan't Get AwayThose GuysInvalid shortcode
      PTI012-BTommy McCook And The SupersonicsVersionThose GuysInvalid shortcode
      PTI013-ALady LexLove DoctorI Can't Stand ItInvalid shortcode
      PTI013-AANatijahOpen My GateI Can't Stand ItInvalid shortcode
      PTI018-APeter HunnigaleBody So GoodInvalid shortcode
      PTI018-BLady LexWhat A Difference A Day MakesInvalid shortcode
      PTI019-ARichie DaviesSince We Broke Up
      PTI019-BRobert LeeOh Jah Jah
      PTI020Rudie RassSweet Like Zion
      PTI020John McLeanLoving You
      PTI022-ASadikiWould'nt Stay AwayInvalid shortcodeCat Number as shown on record is PT10022
      PTI022-BLady LexYouInvalid shortcode
      PTI023Richie DavisWhat If2007Don't Stay Away
      PTI023-ASadikiSlipping Away2007Don't Say AwayCat Number as shown on record is PT10023
      PTI024SparkyBring It Back
      PTI024-BTippa IrieWine Up Your Body
      PTI025DominicWhite Veteran
      PTI025-ATop CatTrue ConfessionInvalid shortcode
      PTI026-AZiggiSend It OnNimrod
      PTI026-BBald Head DreadDancing Time
      PTI030-ABitty McLeanTell Me RemixInvalid shortcodeIssued with 2 B sides: Kelly Makeda and Serge
      PTI030-BSergeSir Peckings SpecialSee also PTI31-B
      PTI030-BKelly MakedaIf
      PTI031-ANatuahLittle Girl Jah SeeInvalid shortcode
      PTI031-BSergeSir Peckings SpecialInvalid shortcode
      PTI032-ALady LexIs This Love2007InezInvalid shortcode
      PTI032-BLady LexBook Of Job2007Break Up To Make UpInvalid shortcode
      PTI033-APeter HunnigaleSense2007123 KickInvalid shortcodeAKA Sensi
      PTI033-BPeter HunnigaleLeave Me Alone2007Carry Go Bring Come (Rocksteady version)Invalid shortcode
      PTI034-ANatijahFind A WayInvalid shortcode
      PTI034-BNatijahFind A Way (Remix)Invalid shortcode
      PTI044Lady LexAt Last
      PTI044SupersonicsEverlasting Version
      PTI045-ANerious JosephLife Is No Joke2009Bad TreatmentInvalid shortcode
      PTI045-BLady LexBad Boys2009Bad TreatmentInvalid shortcode
      PTI046-AGappy RanksJah Is My EverythingInvalid shortcode
      PTI046-BSoul VendorsVersionInvalid shortcode
      PTI047-AJohnny And The Soul VendorsTribute To C.S.DoddBad TreatmentInvalid shortcode
      PTI047-BEmpress AyeolaReggae MusicBad TreatmentInvalid shortcode
      PTI048-ABitty McLeanThis TrainWoman A ComeInvalid shortcode
      PTI048-BDean FrazerHoly Mount ZionWoman A ComeInvalid shortcode
      PTI049-ANerious JosephCool Dem Down2008Invalid shortcode
      PTI049-BEmpress AyeolaDem Bow2008Invalid shortcode
      PTI050-APrince MalachiJust Keep Calm2008Invalid shortcode
      PTI050-BBunny True Lie LieDear God2008Invalid shortcode
      PTI051-AGappy RanksMountain Top2008Invalid shortcode
      PTI051-BJah MaliLove For Each Other2008Invalid shortcode
      PTI052-APeter HunnigaleCome Back To You2008
      PTI052-BPeter HunnigaleThis Is Life2008Invalid shortcode
      PTI054-AGappy RanksHeaven In Your EyesSoul RebelInvalid shortcode
      PTI054-BBunny Lie LieMy LifeSoul RebelInvalid shortcode
      PTI055-ASweetie IrieRebel With A Cause2009Soul RebelInvalid shortcode
      PTI055-BPrince MalachiCome Along2009Soul RebelInvalid shortcode
      PTI056-AGappy And NeriousSoul Rebel2009Soul RebelInvalid shortcodeby Gappy Ranks And Nerious Joseph
      PTI056-BMikey SpiceRoller Coaster2009Soul RebelInvalid shortcode
      PTI057-ATaurus RileyYoung Hearts Reminiscing
      Invalid shortcode
      PTI057-BSupersonicsMr Peckings Your TimeInvalid shortcode
      PTI058-ASandra CrossAnother Door Will OpenInvalid shortcode
      PTI058-B-VersionInvalid shortcode
      PTI059-ACourtney JohnLucky Man2009Invalid shortcodeCourtney John AKA Yogie
      PTI059-BLady LexDon't Know Why2009Invalid shortcode
      PTI060-AGappy RanksPut The Stereo On2010Hot MilkInvalid shortcode
      PTI060-BSparkySpeaker Box2010Invalid shortcode
      PTI063-AKhadijahTrue Star2010Make Up To Break UpInvalid shortcode
      PTI063-BSadikiLovers Flight2010Make Up To Break UpInvalid shortcode
      PTI066-AGappy RanksPumpkin Belly201054-46Invalid shortcode
      PTI066-BCulan LukeHustler201054-46Invalid shortcode
      PTI067-AMr WilliamsIn The Club201054-46Invalid shortcode
      PTI067-BSparkiePlayback201054-46Invalid shortcode
      PTI068-ATenna StarThanks And Praise201054-46Invalid shortcode
      PTI068-BYTSave My Life201054-46Invalid shortcode
      PTI069-ACourtney JohnWin Some2010Blackbird SingingInvalid shortcode
      PTI069-BDebbie GordonBad Situation2010Blackbird SingingInvalid shortcode
      PTI070-ALucianoMoving On2010Only A SmileInvalid shortcode
      PTI070-BProfessor LevyDeliverance2010Only A SmileInvalid shortcode
      PTI071-ALady LexConversationHold OnInvalid shortcode
      PTI071-BGI Joe & JooksieFake FriendsHold OnInvalid shortcode
      PTI072-ARas DemoMake You RockHold OnInvalid shortcode
      PTI072-BClaude DerouxLove And DevotionHold OnInvalid shortcode
      PTI073-ATarrus Riley & Baby BoomChocolateHold OnInvalid shortcodeSome issues have both sides marked as B sides.
      PTI073-BNakisha LindoMake Me BelieveHold OnInvalid shortcodeSome issues have this as the A side
      PTI074-ADolomiteHustler StoryHold OnInvalid shortcode
      PTI074-BDelly RanksReggae MusicHold OnInvalid shortcode
      PTI075-ARaphael NkereuwemGood Old Vibes2011Always TogetherInvalid shortcodeAlso released with this as the B side.
      PTI075-BChris EllisEnglish2011Always TogetherInvalid shortcodeAlso released with this as the A side.
      PTI076-AGappy RanksKooyahInvalid shortcodeSome issues have both sides marked as B sides.
      PTI076-BRas DemoNo SlacknessInvalid shortcode
      PTI077-ALeannaGrapevine201254-46Invalid shortcodeThere are two issues of this release, the other had this as the B side.
      PTI077-BMacka BNever Played A 45201254-46Invalid shortcode
      Invalid shortcode
      There are two issues of this release, the other had this as the A side.
      PTI078-APeter SpenceBorder2012If I Ruled The WorldInvalid shortcode
      PTI078-BPeter SpenceHard Time Pressure2012If I Ruled The WorldInvalid shortcode
      PTI079-AAl CambellCruising2012Don't Wait AroundInvalid shortcode
      PTI079-BAl CambellEbony Eyes2012I've Got The HandleInvalid shortcode
      PTIG001-ATommy McCook And The SupersonicsSweet Lorna2008Invalid shortcodere-issue
      PTIG001-BTommy McCook And The SupersonicsBlack River2008Invalid shortcodere-issue
      PTIG002-AC. Campbell And The SupersonicsDarling Forgive Me2008Invalid shortcodere-issue
      PTIG002-BC. Campbell And The SupersonicsLet The Music Play2008Invalid shortcodere-issue
      PTIG003-ATommy McCookOur Man Flint 2008Invalid shortcodere-issue
      PTIG003-BTommy McCookRanglin On Bond Street 2008Invalid shortcodere-issue
      PTIG004-ATommy McCook & The SupersonicsSoul Movement2008re-issue
      PTIG004-BKing SportyFor Your Desire 2008re-issue
      PTIG006-ATesfa McDonladReincarnateInvalid shortcodere-issue
      PTIG006-BRue LloydLoving YouInvalid shortcodere-issue

      Thanks to the following that were used for reference in compiling this discography: Reggaepedia, Dub Vendor, Enthucol, Reggaefever, Selekta Record Shop, Patate Records, Pama Forum. Thanks also to Andy Capp for his help.

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