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    The Camel label. Part 2

    CA26A Harry And Radcliff – History

    CA26B Harry And Radcliff – Just Be Alone

    1969. Hippy Boys productions. History is actually a cover of Wondeful World by Sam Cooke. The same pairing were also released on Punch (PH 8).

    CA26A Carl Bryan – Baff Baff (aka “Stagger Back”)

    CA26B Carl Bryan – The Creeper

    1969. George Murphy productions. This was never officially released on Camel though blank pressings with the Camel matrix exist. The proper release was on the Gas label (GAS 133). Baff Baff AKA Stagger Back is a version of Baff Boom by the Tennors . The Creeper is a version of The Stage by the Tennors.

    CA27A The Maytones – Sentimental Reason

    CA27B The Maytones – Lover Girl
    1969. Alvin Ranglin productions. The same pairing was also released by Trojan on the Explosion imprint.

    CA28A Eric ‘Monty’ Morris And The Maples – No More Teardrops

    CA28B Eric ‘Monty’ Morris And The Maples – Love Me Or Leave Me

    1969.Alvin Ranglin productions.

    CA29A The Hippy Boys – Cat Nip

    CA29B The Hippy Boys – Cooyah

    1969. Probably produced by Lloyd Charmers. Cooyah was issued on a Jamaican blank and on Randys in the USA. Cat Nip was probably only released on this Camel issue, it is an organ cut of That’s The Way My Love Is by the Uniques.

    CA30A Lloyd Charmers – Confidential

    CA30B Tommy Cowan – House In Session

    1969. House In Session is a version of Time Is Tight by Booker T & The MG’s, there was a second version from Charmers titled Big Thing released in the UK (and miscredited to Winston Blake) on Crab.

    CA31A The Sensations – Warrior

    CA31B Johnny Organ – Don Juan

    Winston Riley productions. Don Juan is a version of the Techniques – Man Of My Word.

    CA32A Winston Wright – Power Pack

    CA32B The Two Sparks – Throwing Stones

    Harry Mudie productions, both sides were issued on different blanks 7″s in Jamaica. The Two Sparks are actually the Two Spars.

    CA33A The Soul Mates – Beware Of Bad Dogs

    CA33B The Soul Mates – Short Cut

    1969. Glen Adams productions.

    CA34A Owen Gray And The Rudies – Don’t Take Your Love Away

    CA34B Owen Gray And The Rudies – Two Lovers

    CA35A Tony Sexton And Junior English – Nobody Knows

    CA35B Junior English – Somewhere

    CA36A The Little Roys – Bongo Nyah

    CA36B The Creations – Dad Name

    Lloyd Daley productions. Issued on Matador in Jamaica and also on Randys in the US. The Little Roys = Little Roy. Dad Name should actually be Bad Name.

    CA37A Owen Gray And The Rudies – Every Beat Of My Heart

    CA37B Owen Gray And The Rudies – Don’t Cry

    CA38A Young Freddie – Drink And Gamble

    CA38B Lenox Brown And Hue Roy – King Of The Road

    CA39A Bunny Lee All Stars – The Three Stooges

    CA39B Bunny Lee All Stars – The Isle Of Love

    CA40A The Federals – In This World

    CA40B The Federals – You Better Call On Me

    CA41A Lloyd Robinson – The Worm

    CA41B Neville Hinds – Afro

    CA42A The Little Roys – Gold Digger

    CA42B The Matadors – The Mine

    CA43A Little Roy – Scrooge

    CA43B Little Roy – In The Days Of Old

    CA44A Neville Hinds – London Bridge

    CA44B The Scorchers – Things And Time

    1970. Lloyd Daley productions issued in Jamaica on the Matador label.

    CA45A The Matadors – Dark Of The Sun

    CA45B The Matadors – Dreader Than Dread

    CA46A Little Roy – You Run Come

    CA46B Little Roy – Skank King

    CA47A The Maytones – Black And White Unite

    CA47B Gloria’s All Stars – Jombo Jet

    1970. Alving Ranglin productions.

    CA48A Gloria’s All Stars – Jumping Dick

    CA48B Gloria’s All Stars – Newsroom

    CA49A The Maytones – Since You Left

    CA49B Gloria’s All Stars – Bird Wing

    CA50A Owen Gray – Don’t Sign The Paper

    CA50B Owen Gray – Packing Up Lonliness

    Part 3 coming soon

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