Pama Discographies

Discographies of the different labels issued by Pama records in the late 60’s and 70’s, complete with label scans and sound samples. This is a work in progress.

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  • John Bailey

    Hi I am trying to get a contact for Jeff palmer to get permission to use images of Pama labels in my forthcoming book, any help would be appreciated with some free copies.


  • chris

    Hi, I would just like to say THANK YOU for this extensive work on these pama labels , it is very thorough , informative , and fascinating to go through , i have learned a good few things i didn’t know after my thirty years or so of collecting! And it really is so good to hear the sound clips , PLEASE do more labels ! It would be a big effort but most definitely appreciated by all us reggae nerds around the globe

  • Rich

    I have a white label (possible test press) of uptempo reggae numbers, heavy synth similar to Upsetters output (Many moods etc).

    The Matrices are SECO 26-A1 and SECO 26-B1, indicating PAMA record, labels smooth too like PAMA.

    I think this may be an (as far as I know) unrealeased or uncatalogued UK Pama LP (SECO 26).

    Its pretty battered and was rescued from landfill, but plays ok.

    As all instrumentals on A Side (B Side needs a really good clean) its really hard to work out Artist, can anyone help if I can provide some soundbytes>?

    I dont have any fancy phono to digital hardware but can use my phone to get an mp3. Thanks

  • sta press

    I think your LP might be.BOSS SOUNDS-bunny lee all stars
    I have some info for you if you still interested.
    also do you want to sell.

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