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      Keith Hudson’s rocksteady rhythms

      The enigmatic producer and singer Keith Hudson first made an impression on the Jamaican music scene in the late 60’s with successful vocal sides by Ken Boothe, Delroy Wilson and John Holt. These early hits were enhanced by ground breaking early DJ sides by the likes of Dennis Alcapone and U Roy.

      By the early 1970’s the music was flowing thick and fast on his Inbidimts Now Sounds, Imbidimts, Rebind and Mafia labels. Whilst much of his 70’s work was on cuting edge Reggae rhythms a handful of tunes harked back to an earlier era by utilising older Rocksteady backing tracks the same rhythms were also used by Hudson’s associate Derrick Kenyute “Stamma” Hobson who released tunes on the Stamma, Big Style and Atom labels.

      Shake It Up rhythm

      Believed to be by the Versatiles or the Sensations, only blank copies of Shake It Up seem to exist so it is impossible to be certain about the artists.
      Keith Hudson recorded himself on this rhythm and voiced the DJ Phillip Samuel on it.

      Shake It Up – probably the Versatiles or the Sensations, a “CB” production.

      Keith Hudson – Old Fire Stick.

      Phillip Samuel – Hot Stick Version.

      How Keith Hudson came by these rhythms isn’t exactly clear. They all seem to have come from a producer with the initials CB (as indicated on the matrix) and were released as blanks, or on the Olympic label, between 1967 and 1969. The producer was believed to have been Carl Bryan but apparently he has said it wasn’t him, other possibles are Clifton Baugh or C.Bradford. The UK releases on Pama only serve to confuse matters concerning the true identity of the producer. Show Me The Way/What Can I Do by The Termites credits R.Bennett and Push It Up by The Termites credits H.Robinson as producer and Clancy Eccles as composer!

      Show Me The Way rhythm

      Show Me The Way by The Termites is the only one of the “CB” rhythms used by Keith Hudson to get a UK release; on the Pama label. Hudson must have liked this rhythm as he voiced two songs on it himself, note the different mix on the second cut.

      Show Me The Way – The Termites

      Keith Hudson – Popular

      Keith Hudson – Don’t Start It Up

      One of these rhythm tracks, Go And Cry, was also used by Derrick Kenyute “Stamma” Hobson who had a working relationship with Keith Hudson. Hobson cut Golden Snake by Johnny Clarke and a number of other tunes on this rhythm it was also used by Hudson on his vocal; Smoke Without Fire.

      Go And Cry/Golden Snake rhythm

      The artist credit on the Rocksteady cut Go And Cry is also unconfirmed. The later use of the rhythm is a lot clearer, Keith Hudson voiced it himself and Keith Hobson recorded Johnny Clarke, The Heptones and deejay Little Clive (Clive Chin) on it.

      Go And Cry – possibly the Merry Boys (The Harmonians?) or The Emotions

      Keith Hudson – Smoke Without Fire

      Johnny Clarke – Golden Snake

      Little Clive – African Bread

      Heptones – Girl You Were Wrong

      Larry McDonald – Anode

      Stamma All Stars – Mr Dub (this is the flip side of Girl You Were Wrong but is actually a dub of Anode)

      Many of the Keith Hudson and Keith Stamma Hobson sides mentioned are available on the excellent but now deleted Trojan Records double CD compilation – The Hudson Affair, this gives a great overview of Hudsons work from the late 60’s onwards and is well worth tracking down.

      Night Curfew rhythm

      Apparently only issued on a blank credited to Karl Bryan. This fueled speculation that the “CB” matrix refers to Carl/Karl Bryan though this has apparently been discounted.

      Karl Bryan – Night Curfew

      Dennis Alcapone – Shades Of Hudson

      The following are not featured on The Hudson Affair; Erotic Touch Of Hot Skin – Dennis Alcapone, Always – Al Brown, Old Fire Stick – Keith Hudson, Girl You Wrong – Heptones (all of which are currently unavailable) and Hot Stick Version – Phillip Samuel which was available on the now deleted Trojan CD Studio Kinda Cloudy.

      Dance With Me rhythm

      The original version of this rhythm was the last to be identified, Dance With Me was on the flip side Shake It Up (see above). Keith Hudson used it twice, for Al Brown and Dennis Alcapone.

      Unknown Artist – Dance With Me

      Al Brown – Allways

      Dennis Alcapone – The Erotic Touch Of Hot Skin

      The final track (below) is another Olympic production, initially it was thought this might be related to Always/Erotic Touch… whilst this isn’t the case I’ve kept the sound sample up as it would be a shame to lose it!

      Ed Parkins – Soul Message

      The “CB” Rocksteady sides are altogether more obscure and hard to find. None are currently available on reissue nor does it seem likely that they will be unless some enterprising individual can positively confirm the identity of the producer and make contact with him.

      My Baby Is Gone rhythm

      My Baby is Gone was only re-used once by Keith Hudson.

      The Termites – My Baby Is Gone

      Keith Hudson – Old Broom

      ArtistTitleListenProducerRhythmJamaican LabelUK label
      ?Go And CryCBGo And Cry/Golden SnakeBlank-
      ?Shake It UpCBShake It UpBlank-
      ?Dance With MeCBDance With MeBlank-
      Al BrownAlwaysKeith HudsonDance With MeInbidimts Now SoundsSupreme
      Dennis AlcaponeThe Erotic Touch Of Hot SkinKeith HudsonDance With MeInbidimts Now Sounds-
      Dennis AlcaponeShades Of HudsonKeith HudsonNight CurfewInbidimtsBig Shot
      HeptonesGirl You WrongKeith HobsonGo And Cry/Golden SnakeStamma-
      Johnny ClarkeGolden SnakeKeith HobsonGo And Cry/Golden SnakeAtom-
      Karl BryanNight CurfewCBNight CurfewBlank-
      Keith HudsonOld Fire StickKeith HudsonShake It UpRebind/Inbidimts-
      Keith HudsonOld BroomKeith HudsonMy Baby Is Gone/Old BroomRebind-
      Keith HudsonSmoke Without FireKeith HudsonGo And Cry/Golden SnakeImbidimts/RebindGreen Door
      Keith HudsonPopularKeith HudsonShow Me The wayImbidimts/Rebind-
      Keith HudsonDon't Start It UpKeith HudsonShow Me The WayImbidimtsKoo's Records
      Larry McDonaldAnodeKeith Hudson?Go And Cry/Golden SnakeBlank
      Little CliveAfrican BreadKeith HobsonGo And Cry/Golden SnakeStamma-
      Phillip SamuelHot Stick VersionKeith HudsonShake It UpImbidimts/RebindGreen Door
      TermitesShow Me The WayCBShow Me The WayBlank?Pama
      TermitesMy Baby Is GoneCBMy Baby Is Gone/Old Broom-

      Special thanks to: Errol Hobson, Vince Ellis, Dave Home, Al Kaatz, Matt Dinsmore, Roots Knotty Roots, Dave Hendley, Tommy Rock-A-Shacka, Ekki, Chungdejah, Daniel Kania, Dave Russell, Bob Brooks, Lloyd Miller and the Blood And Fire and Pama Forum message boards.


      1. Label scans of stamped pre’s of the CB productions mentioned.
      2. Any information of clues about who the “CB” who produced these tracks actually was.
      3. Scans of the 7″ labels of any of the tunes mentioned that we don’t illustrate.

      If you can help with any of the above then please get in touch.

      12 comments to Keith Hudson’s rocksteady rhythms

      • Dave Home

        I really like the new layout Tim. I believe that Little Clive who toasted on ‘African Bread’ is Clive Chin but can’t confirm that 100%. Nice to hear ‘Stamma’ on the intro as well.
        Just in case anyone is interested the inspiration for Dennis Alcapone’s fantastically titled ‘Erotic Touch of Hot Skin’ can be found here;

        ..and there’s a review of it here;
        It sounds like a winner!

      • Daniel

        Hi Tim, I realized today that I have the original rock steady version of Always and The Erotic Touch Of Hot Skin. Its on Olympic pre. Artist: ED. Parkins – Soul Message

      • admin

        Thanks Daniel this is very interesting. There’s an email coming your way…

      • Dave Home

        Wow! I’d really like to hear ‘Soul Message’. I remember Tim saying that he felt ‘Always’ was a version to an earlier rhythm whereas I felt it was on an original rhythm. Looks like you were right Tim!

      • admin

        Soon come Dave πŸ˜‰

      • Vince Owens

        Nice feature. I always imagined a Delroy original to ‘Smoke without fire’ before discovering this! Is there the same guitar bits on the original (Lynne Tait?)? Anywhere I can hear the whole original?
        Keep up the good work.

      • >>In our father’s house<>My baby is gone<>Old broom<<.

      • Bull

        The great Dennis Alcapone, next to legendary Ken Boothe and Mr Dave Barker at Reggae Brittania at Barbican. Documented by UK Pogus Caesar.! What a line up!

      • Ras Charles Jones

        My name is Ras Charles Jones. I performed with Keith is 1980 in a band called Earthworm. We performed at My Fathers Place, Tramps, Tier 3, Eighties. I now do radio at Binghamton University-WHRW. I can re reached at 607 7295526 for further info on Keith. Ras Charles Jones

      • Errol Hobson

        My name is Errol Hobson, Derrick K. Hobson (The ‘K’ means Kenyute and not Keith as was previously mentioned) is my late brother who died the summer of ’78. I know for a fact that he did a few recordings with artiste such as Johnny Clarke and Roman Stewart. The tunes that readily came to mind: “Ride On Young Girl” by Johnny Clarke, and Roman Stewart’s “Love Jah and Live”. “Ride On Young Girl” was remixed and release on a 12″ Disco Mix. This particular track was released on his own label [THE BETSY original Stamma].

      • Alex

        Hi Tim

        Isn’t ‘Dance With Me’ sung by Winston Samuels?


      • Kris VB

        Little Clive is indeed Clive Chin. I talked to him about the tune a couple of years ago. He wasn’t too pleased with the result as he doesn’t think of himself as a dj/toaster.

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