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Greensleeves Records in the 70’s and 80’s « DanceCrasher
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    Greensleeves Records in the 70’s and 80’s

    Greensleeves sleeve logo

    Greensleeves original 12 Greensleeves : the classic 12

    Greensleeves went from being a humble record shop to the leading UK reggae label in the space of just a few years. The first issues were 7″s by The Reggae Regulars and Dr Alimantado released towards the end of 1977. By the start of the 1980’s the label was at the forefront of the Dancehall boom in the UK, issuing 12″ Disco 45’s by top producer Junjo Lawes as well as Linval Thompson and to a lesser extent Prince Jammy and Jah Thomas.

    At the same time a series of groundbreaking dub LP’s mixed by Scientist, using Junjo Lawes and Linval Thompson’s rhythms, were appearing. These boasted some of the most striking, albeit strange, sleeves in the entire history of Reggae music courtesy of Tony McDermott.

    Below are scans of adverts placed in the music press, mainly Black Echoes, from the late 70’s and early 80’s to advertise Greensleeves product. The distinctive style of these ads made them as memorable and iconic as the classic 12″ sleeve design (also designed by Tony McDermott) used in this era.

    For a history of the label check the Greensleeves site.
    A complete discography of Greensleeves releases can be found at Tapir’s website.

    We cannot display this gallery

    Greensleeves 12″ sound samples:
    Wisdom Of Jah – I Jarzif
    Chris Cracknell production. (GRED 6) 1978.
    Bloody Eyes – Keith Hudson
    Alimantado Production (GRED 10) 1979.
    I Never Run I Never Hide – Linval Thompson & Trinity
    Mickie Scott & Linval Thompson production. Backing by The Revolutionaries. (GRED 12) 1979.
    U.K. Skanking – Capital Letters
    Produced by Chris Cracknell (GRED 16) 1979.
    Jah Love Is With I – Johnny Clarke
    Johnny Clarke production. Backing by the Revolutionaries. (GRED 30) 1979.
    Hotel Fee – Madoo & General Echo
    JB & Junior Delgado production. (GRED 39) 1980.
    Help Them Please – Michael Prophet
    Junjo Lawes production. Mixed by Barnabus at Channel 1. Backing Roots Radics. (GRED 44A) 1980.
    Really Really Love You – Al Campbell
    A self production. (GRED 47)
    Jah Love – Reggae Regulars & Clint Eastwood
    Reggae Regulars production.(GRED 48) 1979.
    Poor And Humble – Wayne Wade
    Produced by Linval Thompson. Mixed by Scientist at King Tubbys. (GRED 52)
    Let Go This One – Anthony Johnson
    Junjo Lawes production, Mixed by Scientist at Channel One. Backed by Roots Radics (GRED 76) 1981
    Roast Fish & Cornbread – Dennis Walks
    Produced by Junjo, mixed by Scientist at Channel One. (GRED 77)
    Janet Sinclair – Little John & Billy Boyo
    Produced by Toyan. Mixed by Proffessor at King Tubby’s. (GRED 92)
    Wild Like A Tiger – Eek-A-Mouse
    Produced by Junjo. Backed by Ther High Times band. Recorded at Joe Gibbs. (GRED 107)
    Teacher – Eek-A-Mouse
    Junjo Lawes production. Backed by the Roots Radics. Recorded & mixed at Channel One. Engineer – Soldgie. (GRED 129)
    I’m Still Dancing – Michael Palmer
    Produced by Jah Thomas. Backed by The Roots Radics. (GRED 144) 1984.

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