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1976 – Pre and UK issue 7 inch charts « DanceCrasher

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      Sata King Errol - John Wayne Ken Boothe - Feel It Basil Gabidon - Mr Landlord Ken Boothe - Lonely Teardrops Ken Boothe - There She Goes Ken Boothe - Rock With Me Baby Lord Creator - March Jamaicans March Al Campbell & The Thrillers - Don't Run Away Jackie Mittoo - Take 10

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      1976 – Pre and UK issue 7 inch charts

      January 1976
      1Resting PlaceBurning SpearWolf
      2Bad BeastI RoyUpsetter
      3Rocking TimeBurning SpearCoxsone
      4What It Profit IMellodiesWinro
      5No More TribalismU RoyHot Stuff
      6Dem A BadI RoyUpsetter
      7DungeonWailing Souls Mafia Tone
      8CreationJoe HiggsHalf Moon
      9Watch Your Best FriendPrince SonnyPrincery
      10Promised LandDennis BrownDEB
      Number 2 and 6 are wrong, the closest link seems to be Cee Cee (Cornell Campbell) -Them A Bad/Skin Flesh And Bones - Bad Beast on the Upset label.
      February 1976
      1Penny For Your DubU RoyCrystal
      2Run Babylon RunRoots ConventionImpact
      3Your Cup The GayladsFox
      4The Love Of A WomanHorace AndyJackpot
      5Battering Down SentenceBunny LivingstonSolomonic
      6DungeonWailing SoulsMafia Tone
      7Smile OrangeChariot RidersCrystal
      8Never Go DownToots & The MaytalsWarrika
      9PereceptionDivine BrothersHi-Rock
      10Forward Jah JahAbyssiniansClinch
      10 is actually titled Forward Jah and was credited to "Bernard Collins Of Abyssinians"
      March 1976
      1RastamanBunny WailerSolomonic
      2Have MercyMighty DiamondsChannel One
      3Hit The Road JackBig YouthNegusa Negast
      4The Black BulletI RoyHot Stuff
      5Chant Down BabylonJunior BylesJa-Man
      6Satta ILizzardSunshine
      7Paul BogleRuddie ThomasParks
      8Sipple Out DehMax RomeoUpsetter
      9I Like ItHoward ButlerLTD
      10Jah Will Cut You DownEarth & StoneWell Charge
      April 1976
      1Rat RaceThe WailersTuff Gong
      2Lorna BananaJunior BylesAdvance
      3Too Much ImitatorJacob MillerArab
      4Three Pon One MurderRupie EdwardsRupie Edwards
      5Valley Of JehosophatThe ProphetsProphet
      7Natty Dread A GeneralDillingerSteady
      8Declaration Of RightsJohnny ClarkeJackpot
      9In Time To ComeEarth And StoneDisco Mix
      10Play The MusicTapper ZukieStars
      May 1976
      1AngolaRevolutionariesDisco Mix
      2GimmieErrol HoltCry Tuff
      3Babylon Too RoughGregory IsaacsBelmont
      4MPLARevolutionariesDisco Mix
      5Diverse DoctrineRas IbunaPittsburg
      6Rat RaceBob Marley & The WailersTuff Gong
      7Forgive HerRonnie DavisSoul Beat
      8For The Love Of YouJohn HoltImpact
      9Babylon QueendomPeter ToshIntel Diplo
      10Voice Of My FatherDennis BrownObserver
      June 1976
      1Wolf And LeopardDennis BrownObserver
      2I And I Can’t Turn BackMickey SimpsonTotal Sound
      3Babylon Kingdom FallPrince George Studd
      4Son Of ManAlton EllisWild Flower
      5Work All DayBarry BiggsDynamic
      6Speak And SayBig JoeSoul Beat
      7Babylon Trap ThemDanny ClarkeWild Flower
      8Spear BurningBurning SpearSpear
      9Words Of The ProphetTrinityProphet
      10Natty Don’t Make WarLittle JoeMelrose
      July 1976
      1Pitchy PatchyJunior BylesJa-Man
      2Shark Out DehErrol HoltJa-Man
      3Who Has Eyes To SeeErrol HoltCry Tuff
      4We Should be In AngolaPablo MosesPenetrate
      5Judgement On The LandProphetsProphet
      6Speak And SayBig JoeSoul Beat
      7Natty Kung FuDillingerForward
      8Gimme Me GunDr AlimantadoItal
      9The Barber Feel ItAlimantado & Jah StitchJackpot
      10SisterZap PowTalent
      August 1976
      1Sufferers TimeThe HeptonesBlack Art
      2Natty Pass Through RomePrince JazzboBlack Art
      3All Night Till DaylightJacob MillerArab
      4Self DefenceDr AlimantadoItal
      5Whip Them JahDennis BrownFlames
      6LeftistRevolutionariesDisco Mix
      7What A ManDelroy WilsonWild Flower
      8Ten Against OneBig YouthNegusa Negast
      9Country StyleDillingerJay Wax
      10MPLARevolutionaries Disco Mix
      September 1976
      1I’m Still WaitingDelroy WilsonLTG
      2A You Me LoveDillingerBlack And White
      3African RootsJohnny ClarkeJa Man
      4State Of EmergencyJoe Gibbs & The ProfessionalsJoe Gibbs
      5Babylon BawlingLambert DouglasRosso
      6How CrazyPat KellyProphets
      7Crazy BaldheadJohnny ClarkeJustice
      8I Believe In LoveDelroy WilsonT/R
      9Heavy MannnersPrince Far IHeavy Duty
      10Fight I DownLizzardBelmont
      October 1976
      1I’m Still WaitingDelroy WilsonLTG
      2Step On The DragonI RoyObserver
      3Under Heavy MannersDerrick MorganJustice
      4Universal NattyI RoyWell Charge
      5Black A Kill BlackGregory IsaacsAfrican Museum
      6Zion CallPrince Far ICry Tuff
      7Babylon QueendomPeter ToshIntel Diplo
      8Jah Will GuideSilver ShadowsWell Charge
      9RespectHugh NorrisTelegraph
      10WeepingJunior BylesThing
      November 1976
      1I’m Still Waiting Delroy WilsonLTG
      2You’ll Never Find Another Love Like MineJohn HoltJustice
      3Jah Jah Go Beat ThemCornell CampbellJackpot
      4Hang On SloopyTrinityWell Charge
      6Love Will ConquerL.RobinsonForm
      7You’ve Caught Me BabyJohnny ClarkeJackpot
      8Ballistic AffairLeroy SmartWell Charge
      9Disgraceful WomanJohnny ClarkeAttack
      10Let’s Do It AgainCornell CampbellAttack
      December 1976
      1Kingston 11Royal RassesGod Sent
      2Philistines On The LandJunior MurvinUpsetter
      3East Man SkankDillingerWell Charge
      4Can You Feel ItJunior BylesThing
      5Let’s Get StartedTetrackRockers
      6RagmanpaizaDillingerWell Charge
      7His Majesty Is ComingIn Crowd BandEvolution
      8Unitone SkankDr AlimantadoItal
      9Free Black PeopleBurning SpearTotal Sounds
      10Special RequestDennis AlcaponeJackpot

      UK issues
      January 1976
      1. More Slavery – Joe Higgs (Grounation)
      2. Wolf In Sheep Clothing – Big Youth (Trojan)
      3. Eighteen With A Bullet – Derrick Harriot (Trojan)
      4. Back Weh – Mighty Diamonds (Locks)
      5. Blood Money – Pablo Moses (Treble C)
      6. Midnight Rider – Paul Davidson (Tropical)
      7. Natty Should Be Free – The Admirals (Angen)
      8. This Is My Story – The Unforgettables (Nationwide)
      9. Last Date – T.T.Ross (Lucky)
      10. Another Lonely Night – Sidney Rogers (ESO)

      February 1976
      1. Carry Go Bring Come – Justin Hines & The Dominoes (Island)
      2. Eighteen With A Bullet – Derrick Harriot (Trojan)
      3. Last Date – T.T.Ross (Lucky)
      4. More Slavery – Joe Higgs (Grounation)
      5. Black Star Liner – Fred Locks (Grounation)
      6. Wolf In Sheep Clothing – Big Youth (Trojan)
      7. Take Away Everything – Owen Gray (Jamatel)
      8. Midnight Rider – Paul Davidson (Tropical)
      9. Back Weh – The Diamonds (Locks)
      10. Laugh It Off – Phil Francis (Love)

      March 1976
      1. Jah Live – Bob Marley & the Wailers(Island)
      2.None A Jah Jah Children – Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus (Grounation)
      3. I Need A Roof – The Diamonds (Black Wax)
      4. Baby Hang Up The Phone – Lloyd Parks (Trojan)
      5. Rock Children – Rad Bryan (Love)
      6. Whip The No Skip Them – Sir Lee (Grounation)
      7. Wolf In Sheeps Clothing – Big Youth (Trojan)
      8. Eighteen With A Bullet – Derrick Harriot (Trojan)
      9. Touch Me Baby – Carol Brown (Sound Tracs)
      10. Not Giving Up – Leo Graham (Locks)

      April 1976
      1. Hit The Road Jack – Big Youth (Trojan)
      2. War In A Babylon – Max Romeo (Island)
      3. Satta I – Lizzard (Black Wax)
      4. Rocker No Cracker – G. Washington (Student)
      5. Dat – Pluto Shevrington (Opal)
      6. Whip The No Skip Them – Sir Lee (Grounation)
      7. Reggae Got Soul – Toots & the Maytals (Island)
      8. Runaway Girl – U Roy (Virgin)
      9. De Pon The Wicked – Brent Dowe (Nationwide)
      10. Baby Hang Up the Phone – Lloyd Parks (Trojan)

      May 1976
      1. Tenament Yard – Jacob Miller (Grounation)
      2. Satta I – Lizard (Black Wax)
      3. War In A Babylon – Max Romeo (Island)
      4. Rockers No Crackers – G. Washington (Student)
      5. Hit The Road Jack – Big Youth (Trojan)
      6. Runaway Girl – U Roy (Virgin)
      7. Jah Jah Bring Everything – Jah Glenn (Eagle)
      8. Roots Music – Jackie Bernard (Grounation)
      9. Have Mercy – Diamonds (Virgin)
      10. I’m Alright – Jah Woosh (Attack)

      June 1976
      1. Chant Down Babylon – Junior Byles (Black Wax)
      2. Gypsy Woman – Milton Henry (Cactus)
      3. After Tonight – Matumbi (Safari)
      4. You’re All I Got – John Holt (Caribbean)
      5. Roots Music – Jackie Bernard (Grounation)
      6. My Time – Dennis Brown (Morpheus)
      7. Three Pan One A Murder – Rupie Edwards (Cactus)
      8. Let It Be Me – Honeyboy & Winston Curtis (Jamatel)
      9. It Was Love – Brent Dowe (Student)
      10. Have Mercy – The Diamonds (Virgin)

      July 1976
      1. After Tonight – Matumbi (Safari)
      2. Love The Way It Should Be – Royal Rasses (Neville King)
      3. Bump & Skank – Dillinger (Love)
      4. Bring It On Home To Me – Johnny Clarke (Carribean)
      5. Pressure Inna Babylon – Dennis Alcapone ( Ethnic Fight)
      6. Mango Walk -The Crown (Sound Tracs)
      7. Gypsy Woman – Milton Henry (Cactus)
      8. It Was Love – Brent Dowe (Student)
      9. Three Pan One A Murder – Rupie Edwards (Cactus)
      10.You’re All I Got – John Holt (Caribbean)

      August 1976
      1. Babylon Burning – L.A.D. (Love)
      2. The Children A Cry – Owen Gray (Love)
      3. Bur O Boy – Junior Byles (Ethnic Fight)
      4. Gee Baby – Al Campbell (Sunshot)
      5. Creation – Joe Higgs (Ethnic Fight)
      6. One Step Forward – Max Romeo (Island)
      7. Gypsy Woman – Milton Henry (Cactus)
      8. Work All Day – Barry Biggs (Dynamic)
      9. After Tonight – Matumbi (Safari)
      10. Love Jah & Live – Jah Woosh (Kiss)

      September 1976
      1. Police And Thieves – Junior Murvin (Island)
      2. Back To Africa – Aswad (Island)
      3. Wasted Days And Nights – John Holt (Caribbean)
      4. Keep On Riding – Eric Donaldson (Dynamic)
      5. Gee Baby – Al Campbell (Sunshot)
      6. The Children A Cry – Owen Gray (Love)
      7. MPLA – Tapper Zukie (Klik)
      8. Who Are You – Keith Poppin (Sunshot)
      9. Bosrah – Ras Allah (Kiss)
      10.Danger Zone – Jah Stitch (Locks)

      October 1976
      1. Police And Thieves – Junior Murvin (Island)
      2. Gee Baby – Al Campbell (Sunshot)
      3. MPLA – Tapper Zukie (Klik)
      4. Keep On Riding – Eric Donaldson (Dynamic)
      5. Stop The War In Babylon – James Brown (Mango)
      6. Rasta Business – Gregory Isaacs (Olympic)
      7. Cool It – Bill Campbell (BB)
      8. Sufferers Time – The Heptones (Island)
      9. Misty Blue – T.T. Ross (Lucky)
      10. Who Are You – Keith Poppin (Sunshot)

      November 1976
      1. Police And Thieves – Junior Murvin (Island)
      2. MPLA – Tapper Zukie (Klik)
      3. Work All Day – Barry Biggs (Dynamic)
      4. Rasta Business – Gregory Isaacs (Olympic)
      5. Ten Against One – Tapper Zukie (Klik)
      6. We Should Be In Angola – Pablo Moses (Klik)
      7. Fire – Justin Hines & The Dominoes (Island)
      8. Chase The Devil – Max Romeo (Island)
      9. Cool It – Bill Campbell (BB)
      10. Stop – Pat Rhoden (Jama)

      December 1976
      1. Jah Bring I Joy – Bobby Melody (Trojan)
      2. Police And Thieves – Junior Murvin (Island)
      3. Telephone Line – Tony J/Alton Ellis (Stonehouse)
      4. Crazy Baldhead – Johnny Clarke (Virgin)
      5. MPLA – Tapper Zukie (Klik)
      6. Black A Kill Black – Gregory Isaacs (Morpheus)
      7. Sweet Feelings – Abbysinnians (Nationwide)
      8. Ten Against One – Tapper Zukie (Klik)
      9. Samba Pati – Willie Lindo (Klik)
      10. Rasta Business – Gregory Isaacs (Olympic)

      A note on the label scans and sound samples

      I’ve attempted to feature the label scan that relates to the issue mentioned in the chart in all cases. Ocasionally records would have had changed label designs over time and it’s not always possible to tell which one came first.

      Sound samples may come from LP’s or CD’s and not always from the 7″ release, though where the LP etc. version is known to have been significantly different from the original vinyl issue it won’t be used.

      If you believe any of the featured scans or sound samples are incorrect please let me know.

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