Caribbean Music Festival 1969 programme

The First Caribbean Music Festival took place at Empire Pool Wembley in September 1969. The following years festival was immortalised in Horace Ove’s film Reggae. Note the misspelling of Caribbean on the front of the programme!.

A special thanks to Kerry who provided the scans.

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  • alan hughes

    Caribbean Music Festival 1969

    I went to this concert in 1969 and I still have the ticket.

    Would it be possible to get a PDF download of the programme as mine has got lost over the years.
    This was a brilliant concert and I feel proud that I travelled with a few of my mates on the train down from the Wirral, Cheshire at the time of this feast of reggae music. Superb.

    Many thanks,
    Alan Hughes, Bromborough, wirral

  • Mike Dean

    Bim and Bam, the Jamaican comedians do not seem to appear on this programme – were they there as a supporting act? If not, does anyone know when they did appear? They were on a Jamaican music programme at the Empire Pool Wembley in the second half of the 1970s.

  • Hi Mike

    Bim & Bam were on the Second Wembley Caribbean Music Festival – in 1970.
    I am the then young white man introducing Bim & Bam to some of the artistes in the changing-room right at the start of the film REGGAE before the title/credits appear. Justin Lewis (Bim’s son) is writing a book and making a documentary film about his father. I am still in regular touch with Count Prime Miller, compere of the show.


    Clayton Goodwin

  • Duke Man T

    The Skatalites? in 1969? who was in this line up?

  • Jim

    If that is Alan “Fuzzer” Hughes, I went with you. Cheers, Jim Craven


    Hello – thanks guys. This certainly brings back memories for me. I was a ‘roadie’ for Orange Music in 1969 and set up all the Orange sound equipment on stage for this show. If you remember a small white guy with very long hair rushing around the stage – that was me!

    Great memories! Hope the sound was ok (I recall we had quite a few problems with guitar leads not working).


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