December 26, 2018, at 12:49 pm

DanceCrasher Revives

This website isn’t completely dead though it may have seemed like it in the last couples of years. The truth is changes to web software and the way people use it means it’s a constant battle to keep existing content functioning properly and not totally out of date and irrelevant, the amount of different features and articles on DanceCrasher means that just to keeps stuff modestly up to date with links working and so on can quite easily take several hours a week and that’s without adding anything new at all.

I have no intention of massively expanding the site but I do want to tidy it up and make it usable for visitors. To do this I’ve started a process of updating. Each page will be revised and where content is heavily duplicated across the web (say for example on Discogs) or is out of date without value in updating (a large proportion of the original blog) then this will be deleted. The existing features that are worth keeping will be revised and updated and as this is completed they will be placed in a new section called Articles. So far there are two features here; the Keith Hudson Rocksteady rhythms article and Mike Turner’s interview with Ken Parker. Both have had new sound samples and images added and in the case of the former there are lots of updates and corrections too so please take a look.

The Articles section will replace the old Interviews & Discographies section where the features will sit until they are reviewed.

OK now you know this please don’t expect any overnight changes. Re-doing the two pages mentioned above took in excess of ten hours so as has always been the case with DanceCrasher this will be a work in progress for quite some this.

Tim P

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