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Harry J Classics on Doctor Bird « DanceCrasher

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      August 3, 2017, at 3:12 pm

      Harry J Classics on Doctor Bird

      Cherry Red Records have reactivated the Doctor Bird label to reissue music licensed from Trojan. Released on 11 August we have two classic LP’s of Harry J material on one CD: No More Heartaches and What Am I To Do. These LP’s were originally issued in 1969 and 1970 respectively and featured the very strongest of Harry J’s productions from 1968 and ’69 (apart from Liquidator of course).

      The majority of these tunes have been re-released multiple times over the years but it’s nice to have them presented as they were on those classic LP’s.

      1. NO MORE HEARTACHES – The Beltones
      2. SOUL SPECIAL – King Cannon
      3. LUCKY BOY – Glen & Dave
      4. HOME WITHOUT YOU – The Beltones
      5. SOUL SCORCHER – King Cannon
      6. CUSS CUSS – Lloyd Robinson
      7. HAPPY TIME – Keble Drummond
      8. RICH IN LOVE (Version 1) – Glen Adams
      9. PLEASE – Trevor Shield
      10.HANG ‘EM HIGH – Richard Ace
      11.CANDY LADY – Black & George
      12.EASY SOUND – The Jay Boys
      13.WHAT AM I TO DO – Tony Scott
      14.SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE – Keble Drummond
      15.RICH IN LOVE (Version 2) – Glen Adams
      16.EARLY IN THE MORNING – The Jamaicans
      17.COOL DOWN – Winston Hines
      18.WHA PEN – King Cannon
      19.HOLD THE PUSSY – Kid Gungo
      20.DARLING IF YOU LOVE ME – Tony Scott
      21.SATURDAY NIGHT – Tony Scott
      22.ZUMBELLY – The Woodpeckers
      23.BRING BACK THAT SMILE – Tony Scott
      24.MR. LONELY – The Jamaicans

      Also available on Doctor Bird from the 11 August is a CD featuring two Marcia Griffiths LP’s; Naturally and Stepping. Originally released in 1978 and 1979 respectively and produced by Sonia Pottinger.

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