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All Aboard The Psychedelic Train « DanceCrasher

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      September 22, 2017, at 8:32 pm

      All Aboard The Psychedelic Train

      Doctor Bird Records (a division of Cherry Red) continue their skillful plundering of the Trojan archives with a couple of new CD’s out on October 13th. As usual they’ve selected a couple of classic LP’s and have put them together with a selection of bonus tracks, we get Various Artists – Gay Feet – Every Night and Derrick Harriot & the Crystalites – Psychedelic Train.

      Psychedelic Train is the pick of the two here and always was a first class release. The original 12 tracks along with 13 bonus ones make this even more enjoyable and a strong contender for reissue of the year. Derrick Harriott had that rare talent of being a capable producer and a top notch vocalist and this is demonstrated time after time here with superb interpretations of soul classics and equally soulful original compositions. We jump around in time periods between 1967 and 1971 but whilst the differences between rocksteady classics like The Loser and more funky early 70’s reggae cuts like Groovy Situation and Slave are obvious Harriot’s voice brings these together in a way that seems logical and completely natural. I love it.

      1. Psychedelic Train, Part One
      2. No Man Is An Island
      3. Laugh It Off
      4. Message from the Black Man
      5. Hum My Song
      6. Riding for a Fall
      7. Slave
      8. Go Bye Bye
      9. The Loser
      10. Born To Love You
      11. Walk The Streets
      12. Standing in

      13. Groovy Situation
      14. Been So Long / You Lied to Your Daddy
      15. It’s Alright (You’re Just in Love)
      16. Solomon
      17. You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me
      18. Sitting On Top
      19. The Girl’s Alright With Me
      20. Do I Worry
      21. I’m Not Begging
      22. Have Some Mercy
      23. Tang! Tang! Festival Song
      24. Long Time
      25. Psychedelic Train, Chapter 3

      The Gay Feet Every Night LP was issued in the UK on the original Doctor Bird label circa 1965 (and on Gay Feet in Jamaica) and was the first compilation of releases by the first lady of Jamaican producers, the great Sonia Pottinger.

      It’s never been reissued as far as I know so whilst this is a bit of a mixed bag it deserves the Doctor Bird reissue treatment and there is enough here to interest most fans of sixties Jamaican sounds. The original 12 tracks and 12 extras includes more than a few killers including Faberge and Musical Sermon by Baba Brooks and Heartaches by the Techniques.

      1. Every Night – Joe White & Chuck
      2. 1st Session – Baba Brooks
      3. By the Sea – The Saints
      4. Mosquito Jump Up – Baba Brooks
      5. Hold Your Head in Front – Joe White & Chuck
      6. Bugle Boy – Baba Brooks
      7. Faberge – Baba Brooks
      8. Heartaches – The Techniques
      9. What Must I Say – Claudelle Clarke
      10. Pretty Boy – Baba Brooks
      11. What Love Can Do – The Techniques
      12. Ki Salavoca – Baba Brooks

      13. Contact – Roy Richards & Baba Brooks
      14. The Scratch – Granville Williams
      15. Lollipop Tonight – Ken Boothe & Roy Shirley
      16. Cocktails for Two – Sammy Ismay
      17. King Size – Baba Brooks
      18. One Nation (We’re Marching On) – Joe White & Chuck
      19. Lavender Blue (Blues) – Baba Brooks
      20. Open the Door – Baba Brooks
      21. Brown Eyes – The Saints
      22. Maureen – Roy Richards
      23. The Jerk – Granville Williams
      24. Musical Sermon – Baba Brooks

      Both releases come with booklets with sleeve notes by Laurence Cane-Honeysett and Mike Atherton respectively. The booklets have plenty of great illustrations including lots of original label images and the original front and back sleeve illustrations.

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