October 1, 2017, at 7:18 pm

A Box Of Treasure

Treasure Isle Ska Rarities: The 7″ Vinyl Box Set

They like a good box set down at Trojan Records and whilst not cheap (it’s currently advertised at £43.50 on the Pledge Music site) this one is good enough and will be well worth a look when it is issued at the end of this month.

Ten 7″ vinyl singles with reproduction Treasure Isle or Dutchess labels and card Treasure Isle sleeves housed in an attractive looking box with a fold out insert with sleeve notes by Brian Keyo.

Most tunes here are advertised as alternate cuts and whilst some are very similar to their better known versions a few are noticeably different. There are also a handful of previously unreleased recordings such as What A Bailing (AKA Ninety One) by the Duke Reid Group and The Army Is Searching by one Basil Caral & Group. These unreleased tracks are vocals and are easily of the same standard as the vast majority of ska vocals from the period – so no mutton dressed as lamb, these really do deserve their belated issue.

Nothing here is completely mind blowing but that said it’s all good stuff and there are definitely no clunkers either. This is a quality release that gives the music the respect it deserves and I for one could listen to different takes of Renegade by the Zodiacs or True Confession by the Silvertones all day long – so what’s not to like? Treasure Isle Ska Rarities: The 7″ Vinyl Box Set is set for full release on 27 October 2017.

A. Practice What You Preach – Owen & Leon Silvera
B. I’m All Alone (aka No Family) (take 1) – Frank Cosmo

A. Love Me Or Leave Me (take 1) – Owen & Leon Silvera
B. Sing Ting Bury Yuh (aka Burial) (alternate take) – Duke Reid & His Group

A. Thinking Of The Future – Stranger Cole
B. Use Your Head (take 2) – Duke Reid & His Group

A. What A Bailing (aka Ninety One) (take 1) – The Duke Reid Group
B. You Wish Me Bad (take 6) – The Spanishtonians

A. Always Remember Me (take 2) – Stranger Cole
B. Want Me Cock (take 1) – Owen & Leon Silvera

A. Oh Misery (take 2) – The Duke Reid Group
B. Fooling Around – The Rio Grandes

A. Renegade (take 1) – The Zodiacs
B. Smokey Ska (take 1) – The Baba Brooks Band

A. ‘Til My Dying Day – Winston Riley & Slim Smith
B. Road To Nowhere (aka Western Flyer) (original mix) – Lyn Taitt & The Baba Brooks Band

A. My True Confession (take 1) – The Silvertones
B. (How) Know Your Friend (take 1) – Derrick Morgan

DISC 10:
A. The Army is Searching (take 2) – Basil Caral & Group
B. Storm Warning (take 1) – Lyn Taitt & The Boys

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