February 19, 2016, at 6:26 pm

Two from the Burning Sounds…and a Carib Gem

UK based Independent Secret Records have been quietly reissuing classic LP’s on vinyl and CD for some time. Their next batch hits the stores on 26 February and includes three releases previously released on the Burning Sounds or Carib Gems labels in the 1970’s.

The Morwells – Crab Race (180 gram vinyl and CD)
This was the Morwells first UK LP released in 1977 though there was a fair bit of crossover with their Jamaican LP Presenting The Morwells issued a couple of years earlier.

Crab Race gives a great cross section of the Morwells sound at that time with a mix of updated Rocksteady classics such as Swing And Dine and Come On Little Girl, alongside more rootical original offerings such as Reality, Got To Be Witty (AKA You Got To Be Holy) and the title track Crab Race.

The CD booklet contains notes from a certain Harry Hacks these give a brief but concise rundown on The Morwells and a track by track breakdown.

Page One & The Observers – Observation Of Life Dub (180 gram vinyl and CD)
This LP was originally released in the UK 1976 on the Carib Gems label and this issue utilises the original sleeve design. It was included as part of a four CD set called Deep Roots Observer Style by 17 North Parade/VP a few years back but this is the first stand alone reissue on vinyl or CD.

Essentially this is a dub companion to the Heptones Better Days LP though in true UK reggae industry fashion it was released a couple of years before that set came out.

The sleeve notes are again by Mr Harry Hacks and give a good rundown on the career of Niney, some effort with graphics would have been nice though.

Jimmy Riley – Showcase / Majority Rule (CD)
Bringing together veteran singer Jimmy Riley’s two 1978 Burning Sounds LP’s on one CD (Showcase is also reissued individually on 180 gram vinyl). As the name suggests Showcase features six tracks complete with dubs these were mixed by Prince Jammy at Tubby’s and are fine as you’d expect.

Majority Rule takes up the remaining ten tracks with all being straight vocals except the final offering which is a storming dub of the title track.

Sleeve notes are by Michael DeKoningh, this time the inclusion of the original sleeves, front and back, and some label pictures make this a lot more pleasant to look at than the Observer LP above.

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