March 24, 2016, at 5:37 pm

The 100 greatest tunes released on Pama Records

They all said it couldn’t be done and so did I… After taking around five years to complete the 100 greatest rocksteady tunes list it didn’t seem possible that anything similar would appear on DanceCrasher. But after taking an extended break there is more action on DanceCrasher and what better way to celebrate the return than another top 100 list!

Alongside Trojan Pama Records were the top label for the release of Reggae in the UK in the late 60’s and early 70’s but unlike Trojan they are not a current going concern and therefore recognition of their importance and influence has in recent years been diminishing. You can’t ignore all those wonderful tunes though.

In coming weeks the top 100 greatest tunes released on Pama Records will appear on DanceCrasher – these are personal opinions of course so if you disagree please let us know!

The first 10 are on line now: Numbers 91 – 100

8 comments to The 100 greatest tunes released on Pama Records

  • Marcus Upbeat

    How absolutely brilliant. Top marks Tim.

    Does the PFIB know about this? 🙂

    A few I’m not at all familiar with, but also a few very close to my heart. Solid As A Rock was a big time favourite, but mine was on the Big label. It vanished from my selection at some point, stolen by someone who probably discarded it like a throwaway toy, never realising it’s true beauty as I did. I’ve never replaced it.
    No. 91 Honey by Slim Smith is what I titled my brand new blank copy of this amazing record. I titled it using letraset when medium was common, and I made it as “authentic” as I could manage (it still looks great) with black letraset on white blank label. I made it on the Hot Bomb label – that was the I Roy inspired name I gave to our little ‘sound system’ when we were teenagers which was little more than a record player with an added amplifier and a big home made bass speaker box, playing parties and youth clubs. I still play it occasionally, back to back with Compass. Lovely vibes.

    Memories galore

    Thanks Tim 🙂

  • steve(baff boom)

    Wow,great stuff,some top memories there,bought 6 of those pon release,god i’m old 🙂

  • You left out[We’ll Meet] by Roy & Millie & [Endless Memory] by Roy Panton

    • leftfield lenny

      I’m certain that Roy and Millie’s ‘We’ll Meet’ ended up on Island records (the bowtie red and white label) but then again, it was common for Pama, Island and Trojan to find that a rival had also gained a copy of the master song off the producer. Not too much of a problem for Island and Trojan at the time because of their shared link.

  • Mark Griffiths

    So, did Pama retitle ‘Debo’ to ‘The Horse’ to cash in on the Cliff Nobles number? But then again, what about ‘Deebo’ on Big Shot credited to the Swinging Kings?

  • admin

    That’s a bit of a mystery Mark – is there an original Jamaican issue titled Debo that plays the Spread Your Bed instrumental? I only know the Big Shot issue and the reissue. The Horse cut is on this issue:
    also listed here:

  • jess

    Can everyone only see 100-41? Big up Pama!

  • Mr Steel

    I can’t wait for the rest of this!! Absolutely fantastic stuff.

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