May 2, 2016, at 9:26 am

A box of Rocksteady

As part of Record Store Day last month 17 North Parade (part of VP) released a seven disc box set of Rocksteady 7″s titled First Class Rocksteady. There are still copies available in some stores so keep a look out. The full track listing is as follows:

  1. The Return Of Ezekial – The Jupiters
    Dreader Than Dread – Honey Boy Martin
  2. Live And Love – Carlton Manning
    ABC Rocksteady – The Gaylads
  3. The Russians Are Coming – Val Bennett
    The Great Musical Battle – Derrick Morgan
  4. Last Train To Expo 67 – The Melodians
    Last Train To Ecstasy – The Melodians
  5. Take It Easy – Hopeton Lewis
    Sounds And Pressure – Hopeton Lewis
  6. Born To Love You – The Sensations
    Long Time Me No See You Girl – The Sensations
  7. Please Stop Your Lying – Errol Dunkley
    You’re Gonna Need Me – Errol Dunkley

There are really too many highlights here to talk about all of the tunes but the Carlton Manning is superb, it was his first release that predates his Carlton & His Shoes releases. The second piece to Last train To Expo 67, Last train To Ecstasy by The Melodians is always in demand and something of a legend. Finally Long Time Me No See You Girl by The Sensations was number two in the Dancecrasher top 100 Rocksteady tunes list and on many days it would probably make number one.

Carlton Manning – Live And Love

All the 7″s are on reproduction labels and the pack comes with seven vintage style Jamaican Postcards plus a download code so you can get the MP3’s of the tracks at no extra cost. The sound quality is generally great though the Carlton Manning tune is a bit muddy and the stereo mix of Sounds And Pressure is a little off putting.

Overall this is a lovely little box that does full justice the the wonderful music it contains, get a copy if you can.

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