January 18, 2015, at 5:02 pm

Inturns on Pressure Sounds

The Inturns (AKA The Viceroys) Phil Pratt produced LP Consider Yourself has been re-issued by Pressure Sounds and is available now on CD, LP and download.

This LP was first released in 1978 on the Chanan Jah label in Jamaica and on Burning Rockers in the UK where it was retitled Detour (Burning Rockers also reissued this in 1985 with 10 tracks, titled Ya-Ho and credited to the Viceroys.

This release features 9 tracks on the vinyl and 11 tracks on the CD (12″ mixes of Nothing Is Impossible and Detour are added) and takes the art work as used on the original Jamaican issue.

Consider Yourself

Get To Know

Alongside this release are two new 10″s: First up is two extended mixes from the Inturns – Nothing Is Impossible and Detour (presumably as featured on the CD issue of Consider Yourself). This is on a faithful reproduction of Phil Pratt’s Chanan-Jah label. Next up Pressure Sounds have dug deep in the Phil Pratt archive and have come up with the in demand Junior Brown – What A Disaster, originally issued on a Mystic label 12″ in 1980 this issue features the original vocal and version and a (modern) remix by Russ Disciple.

What A Disaster

What A Disaster Version (Russ Disciples remix)

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