January 23, 2014, at 10:41 pm

We a Sufferer : help for Jackie Bernard

The Kingstonians were one of the finest groups of the rocksteady and early reggae era, under the leadership of Jackie Bernard they continued to record classic songs well in to the 70’s. Whilst Bernard was absent from the music scene for many years he reappeared a couple of years ago when he performed a number of shows in Brazil. At that time is was clear that he was not entirely well and was not in the best of circumstances, unfortunately his situation has got significantly worse since then.

He is currently living in an unfinished one room house without electricity in Kingston, Jamaica. He finds it difficult to move around and look after himself, he cannot eat properly due to his dentures being stolen during a recent hospital visit and is unable to afford medication despite being diagnosed as diabetic.

Jackie Bernard

His plight has been publicised by Rafa, a young Spaniard living in Jamaica. Rafa has set up a fund to raise money for Jackie and will be using this to arrange for essentials that Jackie desperately needs to improve his circumstances. You can donate to the fund here: www.gofundme.com/JACKIE-BERNARD-FUND. There is also a facebook page www.facebook.com/Jackiebernardfoundation.

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