February 14, 2014, at 11:35 pm

Play On Mr Music

In 1977 film maker Jeremy Marre went to Jamaica and made a documentary about the music industry on the Island. Called Roots Rock Reggae AKA Beats Of The Heart this is easily one of the very best documentaries about 70’s reggae music. One famous scene features an impromptu studio jam at Lee Perry’s Black Ark studio where various musicians are singing and playing a tune that came to be know as Play On Mr Music.

The Upsetter Revue - Play On Mr Music

The Upsetter Revue – Play On Mr Music

Whilst a full recorded version of this was known to exist it was never properly released back in the day. Step in Rock A Shacka from Japan with a brand new 10″ vinyl release that presents Play On Mr Music in it’s full glory for the first time. The flip side is no slouch either, an alternate mix of another Upsetter classic, Dread Lion from the Super Ape LP.

Play On Mr Music

The choice of 10″ is deliberate as this is made to look like an old time dub plate using a replica of the old Emidisc acetate labels. This follows the same theme as the two Prince Buster 7″s released recently and whilst these Ska singles dub plate replicas made sense as 7″ dub plate/acetates were common in the 60’s the classic 10″ format as was the industry standard by the 70’s is bang on and makes perfect sense for this particular release.

Dread Lion

Two classic Black Ark sounds from a time when Lee Perry was still making wonderful music: Play On Mr Music/Dread Lion is released on Saturday 22nd February.

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