February 23, 2014, at 11:36 am

A Good Life for you and for me

Could the Heptones really be the Heptones without Leroy Sibbles? Possibly not but one thing is for sure, after Sibbles left the group in the late 70’s and Earl Morgan and Barry Llewellyn recruited Naggo Morris the new trio were most definitely a force to be reckoned with. This is ably demonstrated on the Good Life LP out now on Greensleeves/VP.


Good Life brings together recordings from Channel One studio produced by Joseph Hookim and was first released in the UK by Greensleeves in 1979. Greensleeves also issued two tracks from the LP, You Can’t Hide From Jah and the title track Good Life on 12″ discomix format. The same 10 tracks are presented on the reissue as on the original release, it’s a shame that the aforementioned discomixes or perhaps some of the dubs from other tracks that were released on Jamaican 7″ couldn’t have been added as bonus tracks but as a document this stands up well and is a fine example of late 70’s vocal harmonies.


Good Life is available now on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

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