June 26, 2013, at 10:47 pm

Three Busters

Out now, three brand new Prince Buster 7″ reissues from Rock A Shacka in Japan. Rock A Shacka have put out some superb Prince Buster 7″ reissues in the past but these are the first for a while.

All singles come on top quality reproductions of Buster’s original labels, plenty of reissue labels do this these days but Rocka A Shacka always do the very the best. The singles are apparently dubbed from disc, presumably as the original tapes are lost or unavailable.

  • Prince Buster – Funky Jamaica / Closer Together (Prince Buster label)
  • Tommy McCook – Cast Your Faith To The Wind/ Frank Cosmo – I’m The Greatest (Islam label)
  • Larry Marshall – Little Boy Blue/ Earnest Ranglin – Come Get Me (Olive Blossom label)

1 comment to Three Busters

  • Robin D.Rich

    It’s interesting to note that Frank Cosmo’s “I’m the Greatest” was issued on Blue Bleat 349 in 1966 as the B side to Buster’s All Stars’ “Picket Line”, except it was credited to Eric Morris. Apart from a few Ska releases, I can’t seem to find any info on Frank Cosmo. Were they one and the same? The vocal on this track does sound a little different to Eric Morris’s normally very delicate voice. Can anyone enlighten me?

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