May 8, 2013, at 9:10 pm

The 100 greatest Rocksteady tunes #2

The Sensations - Long Time Me No See You GirlThe Sensations – Long Time Me No See You Girl (Bunny Lee Production)

I first heard Long Time Me No See You Girl around 1989 when it was included on the Trojan album Jumping With Mr Lee, one of the producers series LP’s compiled by Steve Barrow. The first tune on that collection it was breathtaking then and it still sounds every bit as good now.

The Sensations started recording for Duke Reid in 1966 and by the time they had linked up with Bunny Lee in 1967 they were already at the top of their game. Though the line up changed several times they remained one of the best Jamaican vocal groups throughout the remainder of the 60’s.

Long Time… is a simple enough song with only a few lines that are repeated but it’s the performance that matters, the beautiful harmonies tell a story all of their own aided by a superb rhythm that features one of the greatest horn lines of the rocksteady era.

Long Time Me No See You Girl has appeared on many compilations over the years but seems to be unavailable at the present time.

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  • AnorakTrev

    This has been an amazing journey Mr. Tim . Most enjoyable all the way , with some absolute rare corkers that I wasn’t aware of . ( Thanks for those 🙂 ) Here’s to No. 1 , whatever it is !

  • Paul Stumpy Leg

    Thought you’d like to know this tune is available on Kingston Sounds ‘Rocksteady Hits the Town’ which is still available on CD and maybe in some places, vinyl. All the tunes are Bunny Lee’s. Thanks for the 99 records you’ve posted so far. What about a 101-200?

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