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Soul Jazz Studio One 12”s « DanceCrasher
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    October 8, 2013, at 9:32 pm

    Soul Jazz Studio One 12”s

    Out now on Soul Jazz a selection of five Studio One 12″ singles in very limited editions of just 200 copies. All of these have previously been released on 12″ by Soul Jazz before except one which was issued on a 10″. These retail at £9.99 each and are only available direct from Soul Jazz.

    We cannot display this gallery
    • Tommy McCook Orchestra — Sampson/Jackie Mittoo — El Bang Bang
      This pairing were previously released on a 10″ by Soul Jazz. El Bang Bang was previously issued on a Studio One 12″ in the late 70’s but Samson was not originally issued in this format.
    • Horace Andy — Skylarking/Ermest Ranglin — Surfin’
      These were never released on 12″ first time round but did see release on a Soul Jazz Studio One 12″.
    • Brentford All Stars — Greedy G/Sound Dimension — Granny Scratch Scratch
      Greedy G has come out a couple of times on 12″, including a release by Greensleeves. This pairing was also released on a 12″ by Soul Jazz in 1998, probably their first Studio One 12″?
    • Hortense Ellis — I’m Just A Girl/Jennifer Lara — I Am In Love
      I’m Just A Girl was originally released on a Soul Jazz 12″ circa 1980. I Am In Love was not originally released on 12″.
    • Willie Williams — Armagideon Time/Norma White — I Want Your Love
      Another pairing that has previously only come out on a Soul Jazz/Studio One 12″. Armmagideon Time was also issued on 12″ circa 1979 with a different mix to the Soul Jazz version.

    3 comments to Soul Jazz Studio One 12”s

    • Justin McIntyre

      Are these discomix versions? As some of the Soul Jazz 10/12″ I’ve purchased don’t have an extended mix?

    • Foz1

      In reply to justin
      I love them, big studio one collector & not cussing cos
      I bought them all (online).. But I was fairly disappointed
      to find they are mostly 7inch cuts of the tunes
      on a 12 inch piece of vinyl (with Hortense ellis & Willie Williams tracks being the exceptions) some only taking
      up a third of a side. They are heavily pressed but it
      seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity.. Could have offered up represses of some really hard to find amazing
      studio one disco mixes that are out there :/

    • Justin McIntyre


      I suspected that would be the case, and as I already have 12″s of both Hortense Ellis and Willie Williams tracks and all the other tunes in 7″/LP format I don’t think I will be buying any of them.

      As you said a bit of a wasted opportunity, and I don’t quite see the logic in releasing them in that format.

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