April 3, 2013, at 11:04 am

More of the Morning Sun

[column grid=”3″ span=”2″]Around a year ago the 1970 tune Morning Sun was licensed from singer/producer Al Barry and reissued on 7″ single on a reproduction Doctor Bird label limited to 300 copies. The song had achieved cult status after being featured in the film This Is England though this wasn’t entirely undeserved as it’s a fine tune and better than most UK recordings from the period.

The re-release sold out quickly and the few copies that subsequently showed up on Ebay started making in the region of £40, an astounding amount for a reissue but still only a fraction of the going rate for the original.

Al Barry has now noted the success of this release and has reissued the reissue, this time on his own Ace’s Records label (Ace’s as in Desmond Dekker And The Aces; Barry was an original member).

This new issue will set you back in the region of £5 which is, given the history of this tune, a bit of a bargain, you can pick it up from either Dub Vendor or Enthucol.[/column]

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  • MickH

    I know Phil sold a repress for over £100 which astonished me. I wonder will the Doctor Bird repress hold its values as opposed to the Ace’s tune.

  • The ‘Aces’ re-issue, which features a first time on vinyl ’69 reggae track on the flip, more or less sold out straight away, but as its not marketed as a limited edition a few more will be pressed, should be available again in the next ten days or so, will relist on eBay as soon as it is! 😉

  • In spite of the Aces issue (Which is significantly different from the Limited edition replica re-issue) the Dr Bird RE continues to sell for a premium, whist the £100-ish price was I think a freak result, the Dr Bird replica repress is still a good solid £40-50, even up to the last one I sold on eBay a week or so ago, after the ‘Aces’ issue was announced and available for £4.99, two different animals!

  • Robin D Rich

    Did Barry Biggs take this tune a the basis for “Work All Day”? Or maybe it was the other way round? They sound very alike…probably the best thing Barry biggs ever did too. Thoughts anyone?

  • admin

    Enthucol – is the quality better on one repress or the other?

    Got to say I really like the flip side of the Aces cut where did that appear before?

  • MickH

    Thanks for your input Phil.

    BTW I heard a tune by Barry Biggs recently called “Homeward Bound” not a cover of the Simon & Garfunkel song, with a great version on the flip. Definitley the best BB tune I have heard.

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