May 6, 2013, at 10:32 pm

Dancehall Roots from Digikiller

Deeper Knowledge/Digikiller have tended to focus more on 70’s sounds in recent months so it’s nice to see a selection of 80’s reissues – especially when they’re as tough as these! This time round they’ve returned to the Tasha and Leggo Sounds labels for a selection of 10″ and 7″ reissues and unreleased cuts.

First up on the Tasha label and presented on two 10″ singles three cuts of the original Dem A Lick Shot rhythm.

  • DKR-145 – Michael Palmer – Dem a Lick Shot/Version//Steve Knight – See Dem a Come/Version
    Michael Palmer had a big hit when he voiced Dem A Lick Shot at Powerhouse but this is the first cut from 1984. The Steve Knight cut was originally issued on LP only this is a different mix. Both sides have different dubs.

  • DKR-144 – Midnight Riders – Cross the Border/Border Dub
    A fine previously unreleased cut on the same rhythm. DKR love the Midnight Riders and it’s not hard to see why.

And two 7″ singles produced by Trevor Douglas on the Leggo Sounds imprint.

  • BE-011 – The Hax – Gimme The Wuk/Version
    Originally issued on both 7″ and 12″, the latter under The Hax’s real name of Carlton Lafters.
  • BE-012 – The Hax – Nah Fatten No Roach Fe Fowl/Version
    Originally issued (and in demand!) on Leggo Sounds 7″. The labels on the DKR represses are very good copies of the originals.

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  • Just to set the record straight: At The Party was performed by MILTON BOOTHE at WIRL studio with vocal backing by two members of THE PROGRESSIONS Milton Henry & Patrick Harty. Neither the Tennors or Maurice was anywhere near the studio at that time. The PROGRESSIONS were formerly known as THE JETS while at STUDIO 1 and did backing primarily for JACKIE OPEL and the Wailers were given credit for a couple of JETS backing vocals. In fact, The Wailers were very competetive in doing backing vocals and saw the Progressions as arch rivals. If you listen to The Wailers later work at Studio 1 you could come to the conclusion that there was some imitation going on.

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