July 10, 2013, at 11:17 pm

Bullwackie Basement Sessions

Deeper Knowledge have just put out another four Wackies 7″ vinyl reissues. All are presented of great looking copies of original Wackies labels. Great stuff as always from one of New York’s finest.

  • Joe Morgan – Basement Session/Reckless Breed – Basement Scrub (Basement Session Dub)[Bullwackie label]
  • Leroy Sibbles – Now You’re Gone/Soul Syndicate – Now You’re Gone Dub [Wackie’s label]
  • Junior Peterkin & The Idrins – Babylon Take I Down/Junior Peterkin & The Idrins – Babylon Take I Down Dub [Idrens label]
  • KC White – Selasi I/KC White – Selasi I Dub [Senrab label]

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