July 15, 2013, at 9:22 pm

Boss Man’s Dub

Released on Hot Milk records on September 29th Boss Man’s Dub is a collection of Linval Thompson produced dub tracks from the tale end of the 70’s. The word is this was pressed up in tiny numbers circa 1980 as a white label promo but never saw a proper release, this reissue gathers together the original nine cuts and two bonus tracks.

Babylonian Dub

Thompson was issuing some excellent music during this period and a number of his best tracks are represented here, highlights include Africa In Dub (Anthony Johnson – Africa), Babylonian Dub (Linval Thompson – Six Babylon) and Roots Version (Cornell Campbell – Whenever You Need Me) the last one being more version than dub as the name suggests. Tracks of this caliber mean that any collection of dubs is bound to be a solid effort and this release certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The biggest gripe would have to be that it is almost impossible to read the excellent sleeve notes by David Katz. What is the point of going to the trouble of having these written and then reproducing them in such a tiny font that you need a magnifying glass to read them?

Roots Version

Boss Man’s Dub will be available on CD, there are no immediate plans for a vinyl issue.

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