December 10, 2013, at 11:33 pm

A Sound called Son’s

A photo of Clarence Chin and his Son’s The Junior Sebastian Sound System in 1962 which was based on Charles St in downtown Kingston from 1954 to the early 70’s before he relocated to New York.

The sound took it’s name from Tom The Great Sebastian Sound, Clarence was a good friend of Tom’s in the early days and Tom used to give them bookings. The sound still operates in Brooklyn owned by Clarence’s sons Cornell and Big Man.

It’s interesting that the bass speaker seems almost identical to the Tubby’s HomeTown HiFi speaker (right) that was sold a few years ago (now in the possession of Jeremy Collingwood in the UK).

There are few early sound system pictures as good as this, thanks to my good friend Ian Causer for sharing it.

The following youtube video shows Clarence and Big Man in Brooklyn alongside Mikey Jarrett.

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