February 2, 2013, at 8:25 am

A Monster on the Summit

Trojan Records continue with there impressive run of limited edition 7″ vinyl singles with a pairing from producer Leslie Kong on a reproduction Summit label.

  • The Gaylads – Baby I’ll Be Yours
  • The Monster – Tribute To Prince Ruff

The Gaylads track is a high quality and well produced tune that was typical of that trio’s work and Kong’s productions circa 1970. It’s easily good enough to have been released at the time but apparently never was. There was however an instrumental cut of the rhythm released on the Trojan label titled Be Yours.

The Monster track is an unreleased take of the tune that was first released on a Trojan single and their Funky Chicken LP in 1970. This cut has slightly different lyrics from the deejay but it’s not massively different from the first cut. Trojan have credited this as Tribute To Prince Rough by The Monster whereas both original issues called it The Monster by Beverley’s All Stars. The deejay certainly says “this is the monster” but it’s not clear if he’s talking about himself or the tune. I’d assume the master tape box makes the credits clearer, it would be interesting to see this.

This release is up there with the best of the latest run of Trojan reissue singles, it’s limited to a run of 500 copies and comes, as usual, in a reproduction of the old Trojan logo sleeve.

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