August 27, 2013, at 10:33 pm

A Blue Beat Explosion with Laurel

Sunrise Records have hit the early Blue Beat catalogue with a vengeance over the last few years with six double CD “Story Of Blue Beat” collections, a Blue Beat Explosion compilation concentrating on the early productions of Prince Buster and “The Jamaican Chart Hits” collections for 1958/59, 1960 and 1961.

Regular visitors to DanceCrasher will know that all of this has been possible due to the 50 year copyright rule, and if you’ve really been paying attention you’ll know that this will all change shortly as the period has been extended to 70 years in the EU (read about it here).

Laurel Aitken – More Whisky

The latest edition to the expanding collection brings together Laurel Aitken’s earliest recordings in a CD/LP collection; “The Blue Beat Explosion Vol 2 – Boogie In My Bones”. Laurel was always a bit of a blues shouter so the R&B styles that he recorded at the start of his career and that feature on this collection are easily amongst his best work, tracks like Boogie In My Bones and M0re Whisky are an absolute joy.

There is a lot of repetition with the previous Sunrise releases mentioned above as pretty much all of these recordings came out on Blue Beat or other Melodisc subsidiary labels. So if you picked up any previous releases then check the tracklists before you invest in this. Michael DeKoningh’s sleevenotes set the scene well with a biography of Laurel and a track by track run down of the tunes featured and despite the age of the recordings and the vinyl sources used the sound quality is pretty impressive.

The Blue Beat Explosion Volume 2 is released on CD and LP (with slightly different track lists) on the 2nd September.

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