December 14, 2012, at 12:35 am

Torch Of Freedom

The Keith Hudson catalogue seems to have had a fair bit of attention recently, the latest in the list of album reissues is Torch Of Freedom (available on CD only) through Hot Milk, a new imprint started by the Cherry Red group.

Torch Of Freedom, a set of Keith Hudson vocals accompanied by instrumental/dub cuts, was first issued in 1975 in the UK. There were two issues, one on Mamba and one on Atra, which one came first is open to debate though the excellent Keith Hudson discography by Vince Ellis and Jean Scrivener credits the Mamba issue as coming first. This release uses the sleeve design from the Mamba issue.

Like I’m Dying

This isn’t a contender for the greatest roots album ever, it isn’t even the greatest Keith Hudson album ever. Any one familiar with Keith Hudson’s vocal style will know that his attempts to hold a note are sometimes little short of painful; and there are quite a few examples of that here. But it’s not all bad, it says a lot about Hudson’s skill and insight as a producer that despite some shortcomings this is still a great body of work.

This release comes with excellent sleeve notes by John Masouri which along with the fine graphics and artwork goes along way to making this a definitive issue.

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