June 6, 2012, at 9:01 pm

Thing called Chat Yu Mouth

A few years ago the Deadly Dragon Crew out of New York were at the forefront of digital reissues on 7″ with essential releases from Fatis, Tubby’s and Bunny Lee and a raft of New York based producers. In recent times they’ve been a little quiet with fellow New Yorkers Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge and Dub Store from Japan being the most prolific quantity and quality wise.

You can’t underestimate the originators though and when Deadly Dragon come through with something you know it’s worth checking. Chat You Mouth by the Mighty Rulers is a fast paced digital roots tune, the original late 80’s issue is reputed to only had around 100 copies pressed. This reissue, pressed on on the Play Music label the same as the original, is in a limited run of 500 numbered copies. Complete with a really nice screen printed sleeve, this is all quality.

Unfortunately master tapes didn’t exist and the copy used for the reissue was not pristine but it’s good enough and shouldn’t put you off, especially as there is little or no chance of picking up an original copy.

Mighty Rulers – Chat Yu Mouth


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