February 6, 2012, at 9:40 pm

More Of Scratch: The High Plains Drifter

High Plains Drifter - Lee PerryPressure Sounds do Lee Perry much better than most, not for them the standard collections of hits from 1969 or the same old classics from the Black Ark days, when they do the Upsetter they mean business. Hot off the press is a CD/double LP featuring obscurities from the period 1968 to 1973 which proves just that. Even hardcore Perry collectors are unlikely to have the majority of these tunes on original vinyl.

High Plains Drifter

Val Bennett & The Upsetters: Val Blows In (A saxophone piece to the 1968 classic Bronco AKA Django Shoots First)
Count Sticky & The Upsetters: Boss (Possibly a UK production and not Perry?)
The Upsetters: High Plains Drifter (A next cut to Dig Your Grave)
Busty Brown And The Upsetters: It’s Growing (The basis for Return Of The Super Ape)
The Upsetters: The Man With No Name
The Upsetters: Don’t Want To Lose You (Taken direct from a dub plate, the quality suffers as a result but it’s not too bad. An uncredited vocal)
The Bleechers: What’s Wrong With You
The Mellotones: What A Botheration (Pan Mix) (A second and rare piece to What A Botheration with steel pans in the mix)
The Silvertones: He Don’t Love You (By Jerry Butler, originally titled He Will Break Your Heart)
Dave Barker And The Upsetters: Next To You
Dave Barker And The Upsetters: Sitting And Waiting (A version of the R&B tune Waiting And Drinking by Calvin Boze from 1949)
The Ethiopians: Awake (Elizabethan Reggae on the horns over an early roots vocal, it’s not obviously Leonard Dillon though)
The Upsetters: Amigo (A next piece to Siprano)
Jimmy And The Inspirations: Ain’t No Love (Jimmy London takes I’ve Never Found A Girl by Eddie Floyd and makes it his own)
Count Sticky And The Upsetters: Rockfort Psychedelion (This was released on Trojan in the UK as Rocco by the Rudies so unless that credit was wrong this is a UK production and not Perry)
Lee Perry And The Upsetters: A Big Joke (Lee Perry takes back Joe Gibb’s cut of Duppy Conqueror, Ghost Capturer and adds some organ and some laughter…)
The Inspirations: Buttoo Girl (A fine vocal cut on the Prisoner Of Love/Shocks Of Mighty rhythm)
The Versatiles: Thanks We Get (The first of three recordings of this tune Perry made with the Versatiles/Junior Byles)
The Faithful Brothers: Iniquity Workers
Junior Byles And The Righteous Upsetters: Rub Up Festival ’71

The Bleechers – What’s Wrong With You

The Ethiopians - AwakeAlongside the standard CD and double LP issue there is a limited edition of 150 issue with a silk screened sleeve (available directly from the Pressure Sounds website only). Sensibly enough you cay also buy this release as an MP3 download if you like that kind of thing.

The Ethiopians – Awake

If that isn’t enough there are also four seven inch singles. These take tracks from the LP but there are three version sides that don’t feature on the LP/CD so you may need to buy these too. Pressure Sounds have taken note of the quality 45’s released by the Japanese crews at Rock A Shacka and Dub Store and have produced some really nice items with these singles, they are well pressed feature lovely labels with a vintage feel and hand stamped sleeves, these are very nice indeed.

  • Jimmy London And The Inspirations – Ain’t No Love/Version
    The version side is not on the LP/CD
  • The Upsetters – High Plains Drifter/Version
    The version side is not on the LP/CD
  • Count Sticky And The Upsetters – Rockfort Pscyhdelion/Val Bennett And The Upsetters – Val Blows In
  • The Ethiopians – Awake/Version
    The version side is not on the LP/CD

A special thanks to the folks on the Pama Forum whose observations were used in this review, especially 3pan1, nickfa and Harry H.

3 comments to More Of Scratch: The High Plains Drifter

  • Laurent


    I’ve just bought it last friday and it’s an excellent one. I confirm that there are two UK productions here :

    – “Boss” by Count Sticky & The Upsetters is in fact “The Rhythm” by the Mohawks on Gas (flip side and instrumental version of “Someday We’ll Be Together” by The Marvels)

    – On “Rockfort Psychedelion”, you can hear the British band The Rudies mentionned in the lyrics…

    These two titles are good anyway, even if not produced by L. Perry and played by the Upsetters…

  • vaidya

    And now Jah will make him beautiful !

  • that Jimmy London tune is pure class

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