June 16, 2012, at 8:23 am

The Complete: Keith Hudson

Out now as a PDF document on a data DVD, Keith Hudson: An Illustrated Discography.

Around 350 A4 size pages detailing every single, 12″ and LP release in Jamaica, the US and the UK including illustrations of nearly every different label variation and LP sleeve, details of rhythms, artist illustrations etc. There is even a highly detailed section on unreleased stuff from one off dubplates to planned LP’s that were never pressed. The amount of information here is nothing less than mindboggling.

The choice of PDF on disc is likely due to the fact that it’s hard to get a publisher for projects such as this and the sheer amount of pages mean that hard becomes pretty much impossible. A paper copy would always be better that something you have to view on a computer screen but this was never likely to happen so we can just be happy for what we’ve got.

Given the size of the documents on the disc you’ll probably find it easier to download the entire thing to your hard drive before you start browsing, once you’ve done this you’ll be confronted with a number of different sections for singles, LP’s, unreleased music, matrixes, a rhythm guide etc. This can be a little confusing to navigate around but a single document would have been harder still so it kind of works.

I love stuff like this, there should be something similar for every Jamaican producer of note though Keith Hudson is certainly a fascinating subject and a perfect starting point. The author Vincent Ellis, and Jean Scrivener whose pioneering work formed the basis of this publication, have done a superb job. Buy it now from Ernie B’s

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