July 9, 2012, at 10:29 pm

The 100 greatest Rocksteady tunes #8

The Progressions - Fair DealThe Progressions – Fair Deal (Pat Hardy production)

The Progressions were Rudy Mills, Pat Hardy, Derrick Bucknor and Milton Henry. They only released six tunes, every one was masterpiece in it’s own right but Fair Deal is easily the greatest of them all. For a group with limited recording experience the harmonies on this are quite astounding and make this well deserving of it’s inclusion within the top ten of this list.

Originally released in Jamaica on the very small Kismet label this tune, along with the rest of the Progressions work, became better known when released on the compilation of Kismet material Reggae To The UK With Love by Pama in 1970 (by which time some of the material must have sounded very dated).

Fair Deal is available on the Trojan compilation Rebel Music Volume 2 from 2007 and was also released on a Kismet label 7″ in 2012.


3 comments to The 100 greatest Rocksteady tunes #8

  • Prince Andrew

    I was wondering if the Progressions would be in this list. I thought the other side of that record ‘Are you ready’ was the better tune but that’s just me. I also have a feeling what might be No. 1 and if right I think it’s a suitable choice but definitely not a rare tune. Look forward to the final seven. Great work and giving thanks.

  • Patrick Harty

    Just a Correction on the spelling of Patrick Harty.

  • Patrick Harty

    You left Tony Russell off the list, and Rudy Mills had been a member when the Progressions were known as the Jets, recording “Fresh Out Of Love” & “Someone” on the Top Deck label. Derrick Bucknor did not make it to the “Fair Deal” session, so The Progressions were short one voice, and had to make do. Such is history.

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