September 24, 2012, at 9:05 pm

The 100 greatest Rocksteady tunes #7

Got To Be At That PartyUnknown – Got To Be At That Party (G. Hargraves production?)

Got To Be At That Party is usually credited to the Tennors but it doesn’t sound much like them and this is probably a case of speculation being repeated until it is widely believed. The matrix number STAR 1002/STAR 1003 and the blank label give few clues as to the artists however STAR 1000/STAR 1001 was by the Hitones so it could be by them.

What is for certain is this is a wonderful piece of rocksteady that proves, if proof were needed, that the rare and the obscure can be every bit as good as the major hits.

Got To Be At The Party was re-issued on the Trojan CD Gaz’s Rockin Blues

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  • Lloyd

    new to me – and bloody luvverly! Cheers for posting it Tim

  • jefy

    great tune! i wonder, if the flip of this record (the even better “yield not to temptation” by maurice johnson) will be in the last 6 … 🙂

  • Tim

    Thanks for introducing many great rocksteady tunes.

    Surely the origin of drum song’s bassline, is the Impressions version of the Beatles yesterday, the only difference being tempo and the doubling of the third note.

  • Asked George Murphy about this and the reply I got back was that it isn’t the Tennors, but is in fact a solo recording by group member Maurice “Prof.” Johnson

    Phil E

  • thore

    excellent work tim
    toppa toppa topppa top rocksteady 45 ! 🙂

    does anyone have more infos about The Rio Grandes – The One You Love // Kepp On Moving 1967 on STAR Label ??
    same label as “got to be at the paty” comes on ??

  • Patrick Harty

    Got To Be At The Party was recorded by Milton Boothe, with two members of the Progressions, who were at WIRL on that day, and volunteered to do background vocals, the producer, Miss Barnett who was not in the studio, had sent him to do the vocals on his own, but, the Progressions thought that it needed a little help,if you listen to “Fair Deal” or “Are You Ready” you will hear the similarities.More information on The Progressions can be supplied on request.

  • Thanks Patrick, but this totally contradicts information directly from George Murphy (Clive Tennors). What is the source for your info and is there anymore to substantiate it?

  • admin

    Hi Phil. As I understand it – Patrick Harty = Pat Hardy producer of the Progressions? Hopefully Patrick will be able to give more information!


  • The flipside of “At The Party” was also done by Milton Boothe, not Maurice Johnson, who as far as can be ascertained, never recorded without The Tennors, George “Clive Tennors” Murphy was not the producer, but recorded 4 sides for the same producer. So, to re4cap, 2 of The Progressions were the vocal backing for “At The Party” and Milton Boothe was responsible for the lead vocals on both sides.

  • Just to sort out: Maurice ‘Professor* Johnson passed in 1967. This production must be from 68-69. Many copies with a “star” matrix have Deltone blank. “Push Push” was also released on UK Nu Beat and produced by Eric Barnett. Eric Barnett was the producer for Deltone. Eric Barnetts first production and also the first Deltone release must be Debo (aka The Horse). This was in 68′.
    I don’t know who “Miss Barnett” is, but the same last name says it could be possible. Milton Boothe’ “Lonely And Blue” was released on Deltone.
    If a Tennors member was involved, it just could be Nehemiah Reid for me. He also sung for Deltone.

    Next questions would be who sung Lullaby Angel (WIRL DS 4198-1 ) and “Bombshell” (?) . If i remember right, the flip called “Key To Your Paradise” (like the Hi Tones release which came also with a “star” matrix)

  • loempiavreter

    Hi, Fabse, E. Barnett is not named Eric, she is a female producer. Can’t Remember her name read it once somewhere. Erna? Eina? Enya? Enyo? Something like that

  • loempiavreter

    Found her name, Enid Barnett

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