March 10, 2012, at 10:49 pm

The 100 greatest Rocksteady tunes #13

The Paragons – My Best Girl (Duke Reid production)

The first Treasure Isle tune on this list in a while but this won’t be the last! Another superlative vocal effort from John Holt, alongside Howard Barrett and Tyrone Evans that demonstrates, as if any proof were needed, that they were one of the very greatest rocksteady vocal groups. The organ at the forefront (Winston Wright?) and Lynn Tait’s guitar work make for a tough rhythm track that fits the vocals supremely well. If you love this you should also check for the horns piece My Best Dress by Tommy McCook & the Supersonics.

It doesn’t appear that My Best Girl is currently available though it’s on the LP On The Beach With The Paragons which has seen CD release by both Charly and Trojan within the last ten years (the latter as a 53 song anthology) both should be reasonably easy to find either new or second hand.


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  • andy hynd

    there is a version of ‘my best girl’which includes the horns and the vocals-check out heartbeats ‘duke reids treasure chest’sounds so much fuller than the original issue!

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