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May 26, 2012, at 7:54 pm

Sounds of Studio One

A new Studio One compilation from Soul Jazz is always welcome and Studio One Sound, just out, is definitely no exception. Touted as a collection of in-demand and collectible tracks, there are plenty of lovely tunes here from ranging from ska to roots. And yes, for once the publicity hype seems to be right on the money, in-demand and collectible they are. Studio One Sound is available on CD, double LP and download.

sjr2561. Slim Smith — Hip Hug
2. Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus — Good People
3. Lord Tanamo — Keep On Moving
4. Wailing Souls — Trouble Maker
5. Rita Marley — Call To Me
6. Johnny Osbourne — All I Have Is Love
7. The Martinis — I Second That Emotion
8. Irvin Brown — Run Come
9. The Heptones — Give Give Love
10. Anthony ‘Rocky’ Ellis — Double Minded Man
11. Jackie Opel — The Lord Is With Me
12. Dub Specialist — Happy Feelings
13. Prince Lincoln — Live Up To Your Name
14. Ken Boothe — I’m A Fool
15. Reuben Alexander — Happy Valley
16. Larry Marshall — There’s A Fire
17. Rolando Alphonso — Rolando Special
18. Freddie McGregor — Homeward Bound

4 comments to Sounds of Studio One

  • muzzer

    Why Is there a pic of dennis brown on the front cover and the name marcia griffiths onthe sleeve when neither appears to feature on the album? Is this some sort of tribute to coxsone’s talent for misinformation on his album covers? LOL.

  • Prince Andrew

    They must have been on ebay a lot to come up with this selection. No complaints here about the selection, looks good.

  • muzzer

    Agreed, very good selection.Rodigan told a story on Sunday on Kiss about going down into a basement of “Brad’s” in New York with a torch hunting for the Prince Lincoln tune, such was its rarity.

  • NotOsama

    The Marcia Griffiths mistake is more easily understood as in the liner notes it states that the Rita Marley tune included was mis-credited to Marcia Griffiths on some of the original 7″ labels but the D Brown has me wondering. Maybe some ‘hurry come up’ layout person thought it was Johnny Osbourne.

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