April 29, 2012, at 6:16 pm

Roots On Bond Export

Four singles reissued now on Bond Export three with production credits going to Clive Chin and Randy’s and one to Harry Mudie.

  • EW1974 – Freddie McKay – Won’t Get Away/Version (Impact! label)
    Produced by Clive Chin and Eddie Wong and originally released on Eddie Wong’s Downtown label this is the next cut to Foot Of The Mountain by Dennis Brown. This has been reissued on a plain black and white Impact! label in recent years, this issue has the same catalogue number as that repress.

  • BE-010 – Peter Broggs – Vampire (Vank Out)/Version (Quarter Mile label)
    Peter Broggs first tune, previously reissued circa 1997 by Bob Brooks of Reggae Revive this was first released on the Quarter Mile label (as Vampire) and on the Jah Man Label (as Vank Out) in the 70’s, both these original presses credited the artist under his real name, Henry James. Apparently recorded at Channel One and produced by Morris “CB” Edwards from Randy’s.

  • Freddie McKay - Won't Get AwayN.Elliot & NiBailey - People Let Love Shine

  • CC6361 – Upright Foundation – Wolf In Sheep Clothing (Wisdom Sounds)
    A 1976 release, the Upright Brothers were basically the last incarnation of the Gaylads with Maurice Roberts, Randell and Hopeton Thaxter (or at least one of the latter). Presumably the Upright Foundation were a name chosen before they took the name the Psalms.

  • HM3167 – N. Elliott & N. Bailey – People Let Love Shine (AKA Morning Star) / The Jet Sets – Too Much 7″ (Afro)
    By Noel Elliot and Noel(?) Bailey this was first released on the Globe label as Morning Star and then on Afro (and Moodisc in the UK) as People Let Love Shine. This dates from 1972.

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