December 27, 2012, at 10:23 pm

Perhaps it’s Rock A Shaka

A couple of new Rock A Shacka Studio One 7″ vinyl re-issues are in the shops now and despite the premium price will be hard to ignore.

A few years ago the people at Dub Store had a beef with the Rock A Shacka crew over their Studio One re-issues. Initially the accusation was that they were unauthorised whereas Rock A Shacka argued they were legitimately licensed from Clement Dodd Junior, this was a short while after Clement Jr had successfully challenged being written out of his fathers will in court in Jamaica. As Rock A Shacka Studio One 7″ reissues have continued at a slow but steady pace without further comment from Dub Store it seems clear that this particular argument has been settled.

  • Roland Alphonso And The Skatalites – Perhaps

    Lee King Perry With The Skatalites – Feel Like Jumping

    Why this credits the Skatalites is a bit of a mystery as this dates back to at least 1963 and therefore almost certainly pre-dates the ska super group. Don’t let that put you off though as Perhaps is a lovely piece of shuffling early ska that gives Prince Busters cut; Don’t Throw Stones a run for its money. Previously released on the R&B imprint in the UK and not, to my knowledge ever on a Jamaican 7″. It’s backed by a Lee Perry vocal that was originally released on C&N in Jamaica.
  • The Invaders – Soulful Music

    The Soul Vendors – Last Waltz

    Soulful Music AKA Sweet Soul Music is a classic piece of late rocksteady, I’m not sure if this was released on Studio One in Jamaica or just on a Muzik City pre release, it certainly came out on UK Studio One in 1968. I’ve always felt that Last Waltz is a little too schmaltzy but perhaps this stuff is more popular with the Japanese market.

These are available now from Honest Jon’s and other good retailers. They are at the most expensive end of the 7″ re-issue market but quality wise you won’t do better.

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