February 23, 2012, at 10:14 pm

Massive Merritone

Merritone - Tartans - Dance All NightThey’ve been over six months in coming but the fifth instalment of the Merritone label 7″ reissue program from Japan’s Dub Store has just been released.

There are five singles in total including a couple of classics from Hopeton Lewis and one from the Tartans, the other two, by The Minstrels and The Dynamites are a little less well known but still great. There are no previously unreleased sides here except the acapella version of Hey There Lonely Girl by the Minstrels.

  • The Tartans – Dance All Night /What Can I Do
  • Hopeton Lewis – Cool Collie /This Poor Boy
  • The Dynamites – Fountain Bliss /If You Did Love Me
  • Hopeton Lewis – Rocka A Shacka /I Don’t Want Trouble
  • Merritone - The Minstrels - Hey There Lonely Girl

  • The Minstrels – Hey There Lonely Girl /Hey There Lonely Girl Acappella

Regular readers of DanceCrasher will know the score; Dub Store releases aren’t cheap, in Europe these will set you back up to ten pounds each. But as you’d expect at this price the quality is second to none, from the sleeves and the labels to the mastering and sound quality, expect nothing but the best.

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