January 1, 2012, at 7:19 pm

Two 12″ from Kiddus I

Japanese re-issue label Dub Store have just issued a couple of lovely Kiddus I tunes on 12″ vinyl.

  • Kiddus I – Graduation In Zion (Cheer Up) / Graduation In Zion Version (12″)
    Made famous from the film Rockers and first released by Dub Store on a 7″ a few years ago, this 12″ is a re-recording “from a few years later”. It sounds lovely all the same.
  • Kiddus I – Kiddus I – Jah Power, Jah Glory / Version (12″)
    An unreleased tune from 1979, really nice too.

A couple more 12″‘ are planned to follow these; Give I Strength and Fire Burn both tracks were previously issued on Dub Store’s LP Rockers: Graduation In Zion 1978-1979 but both are longer than the released versions, Give I Strngth clocks in at 12 minutes.

Expect top quality product as is usually the case for Dub Store releases however they won’t be cheap!

As mentioned above Kiddus I became famous following his appearance in the classic film Rockers. What better excuse to feature this classic clip from the film…

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