April 8, 2012, at 9:47 am

Jah Life from Bond Export

King Kong - Come DownA selection of quality 80’s Jah Life releases from Bond Export including previously unreleased tunes from King Kong and Flick Wilson. Just released within the last week or so. Bond Export are closely associated with DKR (Digikiller/Deeper Knowledge) so it should be no surprise that when they do reissues they do them properly.

  • King Kong – Agony And Pain /Version
    Issued now on the Jah Life Almighty imprint this originally came out on 7″ on the Jah Life Time label in 1987.

  • Montgomery – Sensimelia /Version
    Originally released on a Jah Life 12″ and now reissued on a Jah Life Time 7″

  • Mikey General – Walker John /Singer With The Flavour
    Originally issued on a Jah Life 12″ with the same pairing of tunes in the mid 80’s this reissue comes on a Dub Irator 12″.
    Mikey General - Walker JohnBoth sides come with dubs.

  • King Kong – Come Down /Version
    Previously unreleased but no disappointment, a fine tune. Released now on a Jah All Mighty 7″.

  • Flick Wilson – Ready Fe Dem /Version
    Again previously unreleased but a killer tune all the same. Also issued on a Jah All Mighty 7″.

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