April 17, 2012, at 9:02 pm

In To The Furnace

Keith Hudson - FurnaceOut now on 180 gram vinyl from Sunspot records a reissue of Keith Hudson’s first LP: Furnace, originally issued in 1972. This is the second Hudson LP from Sunspot, around 6 months they re-issued Entering The Dragon though from two years earlier this LP covers similar territory to the previous reissue with some quite superb Soul Syndicate instrumentals rubbing shoulders with some take it or leave it Keith Hudson vocals. The best of the best includes the original cut of Riot alongside it’d version side and Tye Tye, a great cut of the Heptone’s Why Did You Leave Me To Cry rhythm. There are also a couple of fine deejay tracks with Tribal War by U Roy Junior and Bad Harvest by Dennis Alcapone.


The sleeve notes are two sides of an LP size insert by Vincent Ellis, these give a detailed overview of the LP and a track by track breakdown. Apparently Vincent Ellis has written two books on Hudson that are due out soon, a biography and an illustrated discography (the latter with Jean Scrivener), if these publications are as good as these fine sleeve notes here they they should be well worth seeking out.


Whilst these Hudson LP’s are flawed masterpieces, the good points easily outshine the bad. Keith Hudson released a number of other LP’s in the 70’s, let’s hope Sunspot release them all.

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