July 6, 2012, at 5:08 am

Dub Store Crystals

A few months after their first selection of Derrick Harriot produced 7″ reissues Dub Store are back with another five. Given the inclusion of a number or unreleased, or first time on single recordings, this batch are even more exciting than the first. All are issued on facsimile Crystal labels unless noted.

  • Derrick Harriott – The Loser / Derrick Harriott, Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven – Now We Know

    The Loser is a rocksteady classic – number 56 in the DanceCrasher 100 best rocksteady tunes. The flip side is a different cut to the one originally issued on Move & Groove/Island single back in ’67 (see below).

  • Derrick Harriott – Keep On Dancing/ Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Milles Seven – Now We Know

    Keep On Dancing was originally issued on Harriott’s Rocksteady Party album, this is the first issue on single. Now We Know is the originally released version of tune mentioned previously.

  • Keith & Tex – Tonight / Lynn Tait & The Desmond Milles Seven – You’ve Caught Me

    An all time rocksteady classic (and number 12 on the DanceCrasher rocksteady list) a good quality reissue is more than welcome. You’ve Caught Me is an instrumental version of the Melodians tune of the same name. This is released on a Move & Groove label like the original Jamaican press.

  • Derrick Harriott – Do I Worry / Bobby Ellis & The Crystalites – Shuntin’

    Yet another rocksteady masterpiece (number 23 on the DanceCrasher list). Released here with the same A/B side combination as on the original Crystal and Island (UK) releases.

  • David Anthony – All Night / Derrick Harriott & The Crystalites – The Tickler

    The Tickler is legendary as UK Sound System pioneers Duke Vin’s exclusive. This is the first ever issue on a 7″ and also features the David Anthony cut on the same rhythm (the latter was originally issued on Crystal and Island (UK) 7″ circa 1968.

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  • Stephen Parker

    Hi. Excellent web site, keep up the great work. Just wondered if you knew that the latest two scratch links show ‘file not found’. Also I think that you may have missed the passing of the great Ossie Hibbert about 2 months ago.
    Kind regards

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