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Bond Export and DKR vinyl « DanceCrasher

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      December 16, 2012, at 2:23 pm

      Bond Export and DKR vinyl

      Close associates Bond Export and DKR records have both announced a new bunch of 7″ vinyl reissues.

      Bond Export have returned to the catalogue of Hyman Wright of Jah Life with three late 70’s/early 80’s re-releases featuring the Roots Radics. All of these were previously released on the Jah Life LP Family Album.

      • Dave Robinson – Alligator Tears (aka Sit & Cry)/They Don’t Know Dub (Alligator Tears DUB)
        The dub cut is previously unreleased. The vocal (along with a version) was on the Family Album as noted above.
      • Dave Robinson – If You Give To Me (aka Ruby & Diamond)/Dub
        This was originally issued circa 1979 on a Jah Guidance 7″ in Jamaica and a Bushays 12″ in the UK (the Bushays included a deejay piece from Jah Thomas) and then on the Family Album.
      • Hortense Ellis – Jah Mysterious Works/Dub
        This was originally released in extended form on the Family Album.

      Meanwhile DKR have returned to the mid to late 70’s releases of Clive Matthews, this is the 2nd instalment of tunes they have released that revives his Fox Fire imprint.

      • Clive Matthews – Big Brown Eyes/Dub
        Originally released on a Fox Fire 7″ in the 70’s as Big Brown Eye(!)
      • Trevor Byfield – Jah Guide/The Father Version (Jah Guide Dub)
        First issued on a Ethnic Fight 12″ in the UK circa 1978.
      • Clive Matthews – My Girl Has Gone/Dub
        First released on a Percival 7″, this was Clive Matthews first release.
      • Clive Matthews – Am Going Home/Hop Ki Do Skank Version (Am Going Home Dub)
        Originally issued on a Percival 7″.

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