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November 12, 2012, at 9:43 pm

A thing called Tweetah

Reggae, grime and dubstep magazine Woofah folded a couple of years ago after only four issues. An fifth edition was planned but sadly never made it as far as the printers. There was plenty of material prepared for inclusion though, not least articles and interviews carried out by it’s founding editor and the man behind the Uncarved blog, John Eden.

John has collated this work into a small, photocopied effort which he’s christened Tweetah. This is very much a return to the no frills fanzine aesthetic and as such is some distance from the slick design and print of Woofah.

Highlights are a couple of interviews. Fristly with David Rodigan that covers his career and involvement with Reggae for the 60’s till now, there is nothing particularly new here but David is always an entertaining interviewee and makes for a good read. Next up is a brief but fascinating three page chat with the man behind the iconic 80’s Greensleeves record sleeves Tony McDermott, Tony should be interviewed more often.

You can buy Tweetah online from Uncarved.

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