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A Peckings single « DanceCrasher

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September 17, 2012, at 10:37 pm

A Peckings single

A lot of work has been done on the Peckings discography on Dance Crasher over the last few days and it’s a lot closer to being complete now. In order to get it finished we’d appreciate any help with the following:

Were these catalogue numbers issued and if so what are the artists/titles?
PTI014, PTI015, PTI016, PTI017, PTI021, PTI027, PTI028, PTI029, PTI035, PTI036, PTI037, PTI038, PTI039, PTI040, PTI041, PTI042, PTI043, PTI053, PTI061, PTI062, PTI064, PTI065.

Can you help with sound samples of any of these (high bitrate please a minimum of one minute in length):
PS0001-A Bitty McLean – Brother Man
PS0001-B Bitty McLean – Sound Boy Killer
PTI005-A Bitty McLean – Never Let Me Go
PTI005-AA Jericho Horn Section – Fully Loaded
PTI0022-A Sadiki – Wouldn’t Stay Away
PTI0022-B Lady Lex – You
PTI025-B Dominic – White Veteran
PTI025-A Top Cat – True Confession
PTI026-A Ziggi – Send It On
PTI026-B Bald Head Dread – Dancing Time
PTI030-B Serge – Sir Peckings Special
PTI030-B Kelly Makeda – If
PTI031-A Natuah – Little Girl Jah See
PTI031-B Serge – Sir Peckings Special
PTI032-A Lady Lex – Is This Love
PTI032-B Lady Lex – Book Of Job
PTI033-A Peter Hunnigale – Sense
PTI033-B Peter Hunnigale – Leave Me Alone
PTI034-A Natijah – Find A Way
PTI034-B Natijah – Find A Way (Remix)
PTI044 Lady Lex – At Last
PTI044 Supersonics – Everlasting
PTI047-A Johnny And The Soul Vendors – Tribute To C.S.Dodd
PTI047-B Empress Ayeola – Reggae Music
PTI049-A Nerious Joseph – Cool Dem Down
PTI049-B Empress Ayeola – Dem Bow
PTI050-A Prince Malachi – Just Keep Calm
PTI050-B Bunny True Lie Lie – Dear God
PTI051-A Gappy Ranks – Mountain Top
PTI051-B Jah Mali – Love For Each Other
PTI052-A Peter Hunnigale – Come Back To You
PTI052-B Peter Hunnigale – This Is Life
PTI055-A Sweetie Irie – Rebel With A Cause
PTI055-B Prince Malachi – Come Along
PTI056-A Gappy And Nerious – Soul Rebel
PTI056-B Mikey Spice – Roller Coaster
PTI058-A Sandra Cross – Another Door Will Open
PTI058-B Version
PTI059-A Courtney John – Lucky Man
PTI059-B Lady Lex – Don’t Know Why
PTI060-A Gappy Ranks – Put The Stereo On
PTI060-B Sparky – Speaker Box
PTI066-A Gappy Ranks – Pumpkin Belly
PTI066-B Culan Luke – Hustler
PTI070-A Luciano – Moving On
PTI070-B Professor Levy – Deliverance
PTI078-A Peter Spence – Border
PTI078-B Peter Spence – Hard Time Pressure

We also need label scans for these (minimum size 500 pix square):
PTI019-A Richie Davies – Since We Broke Up
PTI019-B Robert Lee – Oh Jah Jah
PTI020 Rudie Rass – Sweet Like Zion
PTI020 John McLean – Loving You
PTI0023 Richie Davis – What If
PTI0023-A – Sadiki – Slipping Away
PTI024 Sparky – Bring It Back
PTI024-B Tippa Irie – Wine Up Your Body
PTI025 Dominic White – Veteran
PTI026-A Ziggi – Send It On
PTI026-B Bald Head Dread – Dancing Time
PTI030-B Serge – Sir Peckings Special
PTI030-B Kelly Makeda – If
PTI044 Lady Lex – At Last
PTI044 Supersonics – Everlasting Version
PTI052-A Peter Hunnigale – Come Back To You
PTIG004-A Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Soul Movement
PTIG004-B King Sporty – For Your Desire

If you can help please leave a comment below or use the contact form. Full credit will be given for anyone who can help out. Thanks!

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