July 5, 2012, at 9:36 pm

A whole heap of Deeper Knowledge

Deeper Knowledge/Digikiller records are not to be trusted with your calendar – having just announced their June re-issues in early July. Fortunately they can be trusted to serve some quite superb vinyl re-issues and the latest crop is unlikely to disappoint: A Tubbys digital piece on 7″, their first foray into albums with two Channel One dub LP’s, a classic Channel One dancehall single and a couple of early 80’s 7″ rarities from Barry Brown.

  • Junior Murvin – Make It and Set It/Version (Taurus)
    A 1987 digital cut that takes it slow. Released on King Tubby’s Taurus label but apparently a self production.

  • Frankie Paul – Worries in the Dance/Version
    Perhaps Frankie Pauls finest moment, he cut this for Junjo too but this Channel One piece is far tougher.

  • Barry Brown – Land of the Living/Version
    An in demand Barry Brown self production on a reproduction of its original Snowbird label that goes for £60-£80 on original on ebay.

  • Barry Brown – Stone of the Arrival/Version
    Another Snowbird self production and even more obscure than Land Of The Living – heavy like lead!

  • Channel 1 LP – Satta Dub
    The first time that Deeper Knowledge have reissued albums they come with a pair of hard to find Channel One dub LP’s. Both are issued with silk screen sleeves like the original issues and are taken straight from master tape.
    Side 1

    Side 2

    Channel 1 LP – Revival Dub
    Side 1

    Side 2

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