October 18, 2012, at 11:40 pm

A Full Experience with the Sound Doctor

Both Pressure Sounds and Sunspot have visited the Lee Perry catalogue this month.

Sunspot Records have reissued the five track Full Experience 12″ by Aura Lewis, this was originally issued on the Blue Moon label in France in 1990. The recordings date back to around 1978 but were not issued at the time due to various issues with Perry, his then wife Pauline Morrison and apparently Jimmy Cliff who was working with Lewis.

The tracks are unmistakably Black Ark recordings and though they might fall short of the very best that Perry had to offer there is still some great music here. Can’t You See and the title track Full Experience are particularly strong and stand up to repeated listens.

Full Experience

The relatively plain cover on this release is a little disappointing and the dull layout on the sleeve notes insert also falls short of Sunspots usual high standards.

If you prefer your vinyl on 7″ Trojan re-issued two of the tracks from this release, Young Gifted And Broke and Can’t You See on an Attack label single a few months back.

Meanwhile Pressure Sounds weigh in with a compilation CD/LP titled The Sound Doctor: Lee Perry And The Sufferers’ – Black Ark Singles And Dub Plates 1972-1978.

Pressure Sounds have released some cracking Perry compilations in recent years; The Sound Doctor is not as consistently strong as the best of these but it certainly gives them a run for their money in the obscurity stakes, and with the inclusion of a previously unreleased track, Army Of Love by Junior Byles and an exclusive dub plate mix Horny Train by the Upsetters this release is certainly not going to a disappoint.

Sound Doctor

Stand out tracks include the three Upsetter cuts of the Pressure And Slide rhythm especially Bobby Floyd’s Sound Doctor and Dillinger’s Wam-Pam-Do, the haunting Oppression by Delroy Butler and a track that is credited to the Ethiopians, It’s Impossible which is a adapted from the Daltons rocksteady classic Never Kiss You Again.

It’s Impossible

The CD booklet contains notes from Upsetter specialist Jeremy Collingwood, he discusses the tracks in a different order to how they play on the compilation which seems a little odd but otherwise the notes are good. It’s something of a relief that he avoids the often repeated and by now completely tedious potted biography of Scratch which tends to be regurgitated by many sleeve writers.

To coincide with the release of the CD/LP Pressure Sounds are also issuing four 7″ singles. These are superbly presented on a facsimile Perries label and come in stamped brown paper sleeves

  • Bobby Floyd – Sound Doctor/Dillinger – Wam-Pam-Pa-Do
    Two cuts of the Pressure And Slide rhythm taken from the album.
  • The Upsetters – Horny Train/Roots Train Number 2 version
    Horny Train is a “previously unreleased dub plate mix” on the Roots Train Number 1 rhythm from the Sound Doctor release. The flip side Roots Train Nummber 2 is not on the album.
  • Time Unlimited – Rastaman Going Home (African Sound)/The Upsetters – Africa Dub
    From around 1975 and an early outing for Junior Delgado. Not on the album.
  • Aleas Jube – Righteous Land/The Upsetters – Righteous Rocking
    The pick of the bunch for these batch of singles. The first time on 7″ and Taken from the 2011 Pressure Sounds compilation The Return Of Sound System Scratch.

Righteous Land

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